Joy of Colours



The front yard painted in watercolours

“The  moment I gazed at it

The joyous smile was created

Harmony  and symphony sprang

That was felt by my heart within

I knew I was jubilant”

Love 🙂


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Inspiration that connects to your inner core of happiness

13557662_10154950980922802_4740762931752106775_nFullSizeRender (17)

Twining vines of grape brings in the structural magic of romance. For me the immediate inspiration to paint comes from the happiness that connects to the core rather than just random picking of brushes. From my daily 6 paintings, one of them I chose to paint a grape vine from picture that I took in Venice along the Grande Canal.

The beauty  of the green leaves, their shapes and bunch of grapes made it so attractive for me to paint. Somehow plants make me smile and I have been academically connected with them. It also reminded me of grape vines in my childhood home. How happy I would be seeing the vines climb the wooden supports and pluck grapes with my siblings and parents. There would be buckets full of harvest that would also be shared with friends and neighbors delightfully. While painting a subject most artists like to bring their own vision into it. So did I will painting.

It is fortunate when you can recognize the beauty for your strength and joy.

Get inspired and inspire others. Stay Joyful !

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Painting Nature Is A Vision For Inner Well Being

FullSizeRender (16)

13445744_10154891754977802_3277805013135367078_n                    13450073_10154891755002802_5565417867734547685_n

Why do I paint nature ?

Painting nature is not simply talking about the surroundings around. For me it is more to do with my inner well being.  

When I look at nature in any form I feel a sense of completely immersed into it. There is feeling of inner peace and joy that settles into my equilibrium. I just want my brushes to capture that moment. There is an immense pleasure that can be reflected in freshness of  soul.  As an artist you are not allowing the worldly negative distractions to muddle you.

The inner joy translates into the vision that an artist can see. There is lot of other emotions attached to the painting. You want to create a balance of colors, elements, fine strokes on paper or canvas. As an artist, if I am not getting that vision it makes me redo my strokes until I create a balance that I want to gain my vision like a playful sea saw  in a  playground.

I want to celebrate life through painting. I believe happiness and your inner well being makes your sails go in the right direction, not only for yourself but also for people around you. You are focusing on the brighter side of life and discovering yourself.

I often think is painting my way of outlet of  expression of healing- my  moving into a completely different surroundings and changing my thriving career. So that there are never regrets and I can simply see the beauty around me that brings happiness. With each painting I can see myself growing. There is an immense gratitude that I want to express.

Through my thoughts, I hope you can sense and understand the importance of expression and inner well being through passion that cannot be detached.

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Artists date with solitude



(Picture taken at Donald Trumph Winery, Virginia)

I absolutely love this shot. There is silence and still calls for being surrounded by warmth of beauty of nature. The tall trees talking to each other casting their shadows as the sun hits the east. The vast wineries in the background are golden in the sunshine taking their time to relax before they show their leaves and fruits in full production.

Reasons artists date with solitude :

1.We get to process our thoughts and see it the way we want to see the world. Rarely do we get to do when we are living in a world surrounded by hustle and bustle of responsibilities and activities. Our thoughts and emotions are trapped and controlled by the web of other thinkers and views around us.

2.We like to make a connection with our right side of brain that is known to bring peace. Subconsciously we build up this connection. Artists can be left in solitude as they are aware the peace that they are building and at the same time expressing themselves through art.

3.Embracing solitude is a skill which can be handled well even when you are social animal. You manage to take out time, it could be for few minutes in a day that reflects your thoughts and expression.                                 

I know, I have lot of responsibilities at home front and work but I have skilled  in finding space for myself I can say 🙂

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Obtaining positive energy through Art

Energy is anything which evokes a reaction within you. Anything that makes you feel good, keeps you happy, helps you to transit through hard times, keeps your spirits high and will be a factor contributing to being positive. Practicing being positive keeps you away from the negative spectrum of sadness, jealousy, low self esteem. One can obtain positive energy though meditation, creative writing, art, singing, getting closer to nature, focusing on gratitude and the gifts rendered in life to name some of the ways. 

When you constantly take in the positive energy from the surroundings it will be visible to the outer world through your actions everyday. Positive energy is not spiritual but something we are creating daily through our day to day actions. Realize the things that make you feel good. If nature makes you feel good, try getting outdoors and getting closer to flowers, waterfalls, mountains or water.

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is looking at the sky through my window and appreciating the changing colors, patterns of clouds as the sun rises and the vastness of horizons. And most importantly I find positive energy through art. Through which I can express the beauty and be positive


IMG_1566                               As an artist you express using different shapes and values of colors. You find peace with every stroke of brush. The above painting was done in medium watercolors, inspired by the Albertan landscape. The moment you admire the surrounding landscape, you want to capture it through art. Your vision is through the colors. Like in the above painting I wanted to create a misty foggy evening when the sun begins to set and preferred to values of purple and blue. Yellow for the sunshine that fades away eventually with sunset.IMG_1556

The drive to paint and write !!

Talking about writing that goes well with my painting or a quote gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. On one of my vacations as I sat by a large window in Charlottesville, enjoying the beauty of woods I wrote and painted:


“Deep in the woods, with every thumped footstep.

The golden leaves rustled, breaking the natures silence.

Sun rays pierced through the trees and sparkled the fallen leaves.

The pine cones are joyous

That make me whistle and sing “

No matter where you are, at your home, in your studio or at vacation you see beauty in little things that drive you to compose and make more. Your ideas begin to bubble big. I put lot of my time in thinking especially when I am composing a little illustration to go with my quote or a poem I have written. There is abundance of joy and you devote your time into it. 


Excitement of Auctioning a painting online


Fall Leaves, Medium- Oils, Size- 12x4inc with 1.5 inch frame size

Auctioning a painting online through my facebook page was on my mind for long but I was not confident enough how it would turn, even though people appreciate my art you are never sure if you will get the right price through an auction . Finally I did it. Inspired by the fall leaves that look so dramatic I had painted a block of canvas size 12×4 inch with 1.5 inch frame size ready to hang. Within an half an hour of my posting on my face book page- ‘Raman Art Creations’ I started to get messages for bidding. I had mentioned they could either bid directly in the space for comments, message me if they were not comfortable to write openly or call me. This was the first time I had done something like this. Time provided was from 9.00 in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening next day. With an overwhelming response I realized that auction timing should not be that long. Next time I auction a painting, it will be a shorter duration. It also keeps up the excitement for the bidders.

It was sure a fun day. The bid started form $35 and jumped to $135. I am hoping to have more of these at intervals through my face book page- Raman Art Creations   .

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Fun of Being an Artist in Residence

DSC09984    DSC09981   IMG_1738IMG_1766IMG_5163LDSC00019 Last Saturday (September 27th, 2014) I got the fabulous opportunity of being Artist in Residence at Cardel Place, Calgary  as they celebrated their 10th anniversary. What it really meant was- lot of excitement and great experience. Starting a painting from the very beginning and finishing within time frame of four hours. I chose to do an oil painting that was inspired from a walk in Nose Hill Park, Calgary. I had till taken pictures with beautiful fall trees as an inspiration and painting them. This was challenging, at the same time fun and interesting. Without loosing my focus I continued to interact, taking pictures and kept the time frame in my mind too. As my friends and public poured in, I interacted with them answering their questions and responding to the appreciation of my paintings from them.  I look forward to more of these opportunities. People asked about my classes and entered to subscribe my newsletter. This was a rewarding day for me !!!