Finding Joyous Thoughts

image( Morning Sunrise at 6.30 am)

Good morning !!!

Every morning I wake to start my day with positive thoughts and leave behind any uncomfortable thoughts that there may have been a day before.

This morning when I woke, I looked for the beautiful sky through my large window. Seeing the captivating colours I ran down with my speedy toes down the the stairs and out in the yard, to capture. There was stillness and purity that I felt as I gazed.

As I watched, I admired the different tones of pink, yellow, orange, blue in the sky. Admired the rising sun , the power it shows. The  positive energy was felt that was being radiated. The sunshine that brings hope for a brighter day. A day that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Soon I will be leaving to the mountains for hike and paint that has been organized. I want the moments to be positive without the negative thoughts while getting close to nature. Which will bring lot of peace within ūüėä.

Happy Saturday !!




Dont Allow Yourself To be Drained With Negativity


We are often surrounded by people who tend to be negative about every possible thing they talk about. It could be at work place, in friend circle or at home. This could be very challenging and we may go down the drain and feel unhappy. There could be a colleague who could always be complaining about the office resources the very first thing in the morning. It is the attitude they have build and they don’t realize how they can best make use of the resources around them and show their flexibility. On the hand there could be a colleague who will focus on giving a morning smile and give a joyful greeting.¬†When you realize too much negativity, it is time for you take steps ¬†for your own well being. So you can have a joyful and a more blessed life that makes you smile on the little joys and not that drains you to feel remorse and sorry. ¬†

*Remind your self of what is going well. Be grateful of the good things in your life. Return back to the community or do good deeds for humanity through charity. It will transform your mind to feel good about yourself and boost you. Gratitude can go a long way that will give you a sense a building a positive vibes around you.

*Stand for yourself by taking steps of following your passions. Take it as an opportunity to discover yourself. Your aim is always to shift your thinking towards the positive side for your well being.

¬†*Meditate or spend time alone. Many times people take spending time alone as unhealthy. They don’t realize it helps you stay calm and develop the mindfulness. Your mind is shifting to peace and you build up your positive strengths that don’t allow you to drain.

*There may be a disappointment about going through crisis, at this point it is very important to feel good about yourself. Pursue with healthy habits that for which you will be are appreciated by people around you.

*Remind your self that everyone has their own journeys and you can shine in spheres that will make you feel good about your self and make you feel not drained but boost up your energy.

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Love and Peace !!! ūüôā



Self Discovery Is A Road To Inner Power


Self discovery is when you know what your inner strengths and potentials are. You open yourself to get deeper knowing what best is for your well being at the same time knowing the importance of values of life. You are clear with your thoughts and take a stand for your likes and dislikes. How many of us are more worried¬†about doing what the world wants us to see us doing. We don’t practice where our heart belongs to. Your self discovery will create a mattress of support to your¬†well being. ¬†

Everyday the the clock starts a new day giving us time to unlock our potentials. We get deeper in touch with our soul to self discover. We don’t have to be fake to please others. Your potentials speak a loud and make you happy. You don’t have to lead a confused life with roads that are entangled. But a life that is peaceful once you know to discover yourself. Break the shyness of low self esteem and ¬† take the baby steps to unlock your true power. The universe will give you love for your true self.

You will see the more you go with your truth the more life becomes enjoyable, interesting and happy. You have to break the fears to show your potentials that you have been holding within. Unaware how important it is to become passionate of your inner expression. Truth is what makes you liberated and in alignment of your happiness. You have to flow with positive vibes of surroundings. It could be a fear that you have been holding on to, you have to let it go. The experiences of your life tell a lot to yourself. 

Every human being is so unique and  self discovery is unique to everyone. You have the greater ability to release the pain that hold you back with self discovery. You can mange your emotions with your inner power in a beautiful way, as it leads to being calm and aware of your actions. By living life of inner power we cultivate joy.

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Ikebana style of flower arrangement- Beyond putting flowers together ! My childhood memory



Ikebana is a unique Japanese form of flower arrangement that was evolved more than 500 years ago and is still practiced and respected in cultural forms. It is a disciplined form of art, where there is rhythm and art. I am fortunate, if I think back the creativity that was brewed in me by my dad when we were kids. Myself and my sisters were given opportunities of learning to the fullest. He had an idea that Japanese culture had a unique creativity of flower arranging and asked me and my sisters, if were interested in learning Ikebana. Our excitement knew no bounds and were introduced to an instructor for learning Ikebana style. As kids what striked the interest in this Japanese style of art was, we would be going an extra mile while participating in flower arrangement shows.
Ikebana pays attention to the overall line and form of all plant material used and emphasizes minimalism and asymmetry, which is contrary to conventional flower arrangements where emphasis is given to bloom and colour of flowers in the vase. Ikebana involves creativity and follows rules of line, form and depth. Special attention is given to the number of stems used, arrangement of branches and the vase used. There is a rhythm for the eyes to follow even though it is asymmetrical. This reminds me our instructor accompanying us to a nursery for better choice of flowers and getting books on Ikebana style of flower arrangement. Use of irises, chrysanthemums and use of Japanese Asparagus were the favorites in our arrangements. To me, a room looks so serene that adorns the Ikebana arrangement and can change the mood of a room. Doing Ikebana, can be playful and at the same time involve creativity.
How much I adore doing these flower arrangements that bring your creativity and admiration for elegance and harmony ūüôā
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