How Are You Investing Your Energy?

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(At Food Bank)               (Close to nature)
In 2000 my mom had introduced me to a Reikhi Master, from whom she would go for a treatment. Later we both learned the art of Rekhi practice from that expert Master seeing its importance. During the lessons, it was interesting to get educated how energies work in human beings.

The aura of human beings is directly proportional to the health of an individual. I have been quiet convinced by this fact, witnising health of individuals changing when these energies are balanced. I dug into my notes and recalled our our body is surrounded by five layers/levels.

To experience harmony, balance & well being in every aspect of physical life it is important that all the layers of vibrating energy contribute to our existence function together as an integrated whole. All these levels have vibrations and form the vibes that you emit to the surroundings.

Unfortunately we invest our energies at the wrong places by not making good choices and not realizing we are draining ourselves. We drain our energies when we develop the negative feelings and emotions toward our surroundings in our thoughts and actions. Every single thought negative or positive makes you a person as a whole.

So it is important we invest our energies into kindness, gratitude, love, appreciation, meditating. It may seem complex but can be attained by simple day to day positive actions. Once we develop the attitude of using these energies in the right direction we get a great sense of inner well being. 

So hang on to investigate your energies that will be meaningful for your well being 🙂




Joy of Colours



The front yard painted in watercolours

“The  moment I gazed at it

The joyous smile was created

Harmony  and symphony sprang

That was felt by my heart within

I knew I was jubilant”

Love 🙂


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Coping With Stress


(Myself enjoying the touch of waves, the touch of sea shells and feel of the ocean breeze)

People fail to understand joy is right beside them and could be in little packets. You have to open these packets that have the hidden treasures for your mind to be more relaxed and calm. How many times you have had a conversation with your family, colleagues, friends about the stressed life you lead in this era of technology like a machine who continuously has to manage everything including work, family, time, finances all at the same time without meaningful practices. Here I would like to share some of the tips that I practice to lead a life that is more joyful :

1.Take control of your mind:

When you know how to control and not let the surroundings affect you, you  can control your mind. When you know how to mange you will be more relaxed. You are conscious of what you desire and not allow the negativity or stress affect you. Listen to your mind and not to the surroundings that bring stress, fear and anger.

2. Be not someone who makes comparisons in life:

Unfortunately people spend large amount of their time making comparisons of their life with others and worrying. People who make comparisons of their life with others end up feeling miserable. For example people end up buying bigger homes on seeing others and end up financially broke and physically broke working different jobs. Be conscious of how you look at life and not focus on how big or small materialistic things you have or do.

3. Appreciate the beauty of the little things around you:   

When you start appreciating the little things around you, you bring in the contentment in life. You don’t feel stressed of not owning the things you cannot.Even a little opening of a bud makes you feel happy, you don’t wait for the big magical things to happen to make you happy.

4. Express yourself: 

Don’t have a fear of your existence, instead take out time to express yourself in any form.It could be through laughter; expressing your thoughts verbally or writing; painting or music. Express your own joy and don’t run after it. Joy is right there beside you or inside you. You don’t have to run after it. Your well being will come from within.

5. Lead an active life:

Break the monotone in your daily routines of going to work and sleeping. Pick up any activity that makes you feel relaxed and feel at peace. It could be going to the gym, cooking, singing, painting, dancing, gardening or writing. These are the times when you don’t allow the outer distractions to disturb your mind and you are all into it .

6. Get your mind to relax:

Relax your mind that will help you to calm.. Simple practices of doing yoga, meditation or evening closing your eyes for few minutes and breathing in and out will make a difference. Even if you are physically tired relaxing your mind will relieve you of stress.

7. Appreciate reality:

Appreciate the realities of life and don’t run after the things that are far distant and seem out of the world. Accept the situations you are in and find out the solutions to work on them. Acknowledge to experience the way it is. 

                          “Bliss of life is experienced from within by your own practices and thoughts”


Raman 🙂

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Essence of every bit!


The little moments in your life, may be like the small yummy cookie that you see on your kitchen counter unexpectedly. And you have to enjoy it rather tossing it out. The bits of moments form the bigger picture of your day or life.

We all get tired physically or mentally at some point of life. Especially when we feel the outer forces are empowering you. We cannot control the world around, but we can control our actions.

We have to turn the tables and only we can be responsible for it. Enjoy the little moments that may come in pieces along your way.

                                   Don’t bring yourself down.

Admire the pure existence of these moments that reveal the true beauty of your heart you carry.

Happy Friday !


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Keep burning your sunshine

Good morning!

When the sunshine tries to fade you keep pushing yourself to awaken it and bring it to full galore.

That being said you have to make efforts or else it will be eventually be where you won’t get its sight. How far we can keep pushing ? Till we come to being hopeful of our presence and see ourselves in our best selves.

Keep reminding the sunshine in our lives has not to fade. Sunshine here means something in any form that makes you happy and keep you energized.

Raman 🙂

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We create our own ripples


( Note I had received at work and it is indeed inspiring)

                      Our every action forms a ripple and every action forms a larger currant of life.

When we are create these ripples we are affecting not only ourselves but people around us. The beautiful currants tend to be strong that form a support for others.

We are responsible for these ripples by every action we do, every thought we have and the attitudes we give.

When we throw a stone like the actions we do, we want the right elegant ripples like the kindness towards others in life.

More for tomorrow  🙂





Reflections of the day

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For most of the weekdays as usual, today I juggled doing different tasks. I started my day with a warm lemon drink and now ending my day beside the lamp on my nightstand by the bed. 

I believe how much ever load of work we do, by the end of the day,  we get peace and strength from our positive attitudes. We build an inner calm and find light for our soul. 

Reflection of day helps one to:

Learn from the mistakes if any

-Rejoice the success of a task

-Be prepared for another day

As I reflect, there is essence of gratitude and love that is subscribed in my heart.

I look for another day with hope and smile !!!

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Raman 🙂

Tips To Become An Achiever At Work

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The magic beans on the stalk don’t grow unless you sow the golden seeds. Your core working values are your golden seeds that grow into rewards. You need to have the right mindful skills to be an achiever at work. Here are the tips that you you may keep in  mind:

                       Be familiar with the mission and vision of your workplace. Work towards the direction of the goals of your workplace/company/organization.

                            Set your own short term and long term goals. Your mind will be more clear towards the direction you want to achieve those goals.

                      Show your dedication and passion by being enthusiastic of finishing your tasks. Accept the changes that are desired from you by the administration. People who don’t accept sink in the rough waters.

                           Accept the challenges that come your way and be ready to perform at your best, even though it can be stressful sometimes but be positive and say “I Can”.

                      Be open to others ideas, listen to them and see what works best that benefits the company/organization. Be appreciative of the people around you.

                      Make a habit of using calendars that help you to be on top for all the deadlines and meetings and reminders.

                    Get up well in time before the work, so that your mind is relaxed before you get into the work environment where you can keep focus. 

                 Be comfortable with the pressure, don’t let it stress you. Use strategies of using your passions during off hours that will help to relax your mind.

                 Be mindful of your behavior and be communicative towards your colleagues. Be flexible to offer help when required.

                  Set priorities that will help you to be more organized and assist you to work under pressure. When you set priorities you are well prepared and always ready to face a situation that may arise.

                     Your approach should be positive that will also help you to build a positive relationship with your colleagues and help you to cross any barriers that may arise with regards to accomplishing the tasks.

Stay tuned and focused,  good luck !!


Raman  🙂

How Being Flexible In Life, Helps You

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Many times I have been asked, how I mange my schedules? Am I very disciplined in my daily routines. My answer is I am disciplined and at the same time flexible. For adults there is a huge difference in the two terms “being disciplined” and “being flexible in our lives.

When we become too disciplined we bring anxiety in our lives and our rigidity does not allow us to perform the tasks that come our way unexpectedly. There is always left a question what if ?? or one cannot break a military rule at home. 

Yes I was brought up in a household where we led  disciplined lives. That bringing has helped me to be disciplined in mannerism and being punctual with regards to work or meetings.

But when we are flexible in our thoughts and activities we are welcoming some great gifts that bring balance in our busy lives. We are not always worrying about things going just dot to dot. We become more open to options that come our way. For this we can practice the following:

  • Don’t make a habit of saying “no” just for the sake of saying.
  • It is important to welcome the opportunities that come your way.
  • Monitor your vocabulary that is in negative shouldn’t, couldn’t, never.
  • Be more practical, for this take charge of responding to a situation depending upon a circumstance.
  • Try new things in your life, it could be even with simple things like  food, movies, fragrances.  
  • Train your mind to be flexible that will bring more acceptance in your lives.


You have to be considerate of options and not always be charge of everything and be a point person for our daily lives. When we are flexible it becomes easier to adjust at our workplaces and at home as well. We become more communicative and collaborative and have the patience of giving an ear to others.

Stay Flexible, Stay Happy !!


Raman  🙂





Importance of living in the present


When you are living in the past or future, you are doing it mentally, but in reality you are in present. Even when you prepare for your future you are doing it in present, at that moment. Often people say their mind wanders even when they are trying to learn to meditate. This is because their mind wanders in the past or future.

Every time I am doing something new or taking up a new opportunity I am enjoying at that moment. I prepare my future by doing my best at that moment, taking into consideration by capabilities and my responsibilities to my family. How important it becomes to live in the present without any regrets and worrying about your future. Think “now” is the time when you are building even for future.

            I believe you can practice living in present by :

1. With every morning sunshine, take it is an opportunity to smile and do your best. God has given you the opportunity to finish the unfinished tasks. There is so much potential in the present moment. Smile at the little joys and smile at people around you.

2. Be motivated to do your job wholeheartedly. Trigger the enthusiasm by being passionate. Present gives you the opportunities of the moment to be in your awareness of  happiness.

3. Don’t worry about the future instead prepare yourself by living in the present that will prepare for future. Don’t deplete your energies by worrying, instead look for the options, work on them for solutions. 

4. Don’t give weighted importance to things you did yesterday for example your past job. Importantly I think how I can use the skills I have build and use them in the present.  I take the present moment to be happy. 

5. Be open minded and you will find how easy it becomes for things to flow. You become open to new things in the present and except them without judgments.

6.Practice active life that will make you feel fulfilled without regret. This will help you   gain different experiences and gain confidence. You will live in the present of the new experiences you gain.

Keep living in the present !!!



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