Inspiration that connects to your inner core of happiness

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Twining vines of grape brings in the structural magic of romance. For me the immediate inspiration to paint comes from the happiness that connects to the core rather than just random picking of brushes. From my daily 6 paintings, one of them I chose to paint a grape vine from picture that I took in Venice along the Grande Canal.

The beauty  of the green leaves, their shapes and bunch of grapes made it so attractive for me to paint. Somehow plants make me smile and I have been academically connected with them. It also reminded me of grape vines in my childhood home. How happy I would be seeing the vines climb the wooden supports and pluck grapes with my siblings and parents. There would be buckets full of harvest that would also be shared with friends and neighbors delightfully. While painting a subject most artists like to bring their own vision into it. So did I will painting.

It is fortunate when you can recognize the beauty for your strength and joy.

Get inspired and inspire others. Stay Joyful !

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Artists date with solitude



(Picture taken at Donald Trumph Winery, Virginia)

I absolutely love this shot. There is silence and still calls for being surrounded by warmth of beauty of nature. The tall trees talking to each other casting their shadows as the sun hits the east. The vast wineries in the background are golden in the sunshine taking their time to relax before they show their leaves and fruits in full production.

Reasons artists date with solitude :

1.We get to process our thoughts and see it the way we want to see the world. Rarely do we get to do when we are living in a world surrounded by hustle and bustle of responsibilities and activities. Our thoughts and emotions are trapped and controlled by the web of other thinkers and views around us.

2.We like to make a connection with our right side of brain that is known to bring peace. Subconsciously we build up this connection. Artists can be left in solitude as they are aware the peace that they are building and at the same time expressing themselves through art.

3.Embracing solitude is a skill which can be handled well even when you are social animal. You manage to take out time, it could be for few minutes in a day that reflects your thoughts and expression.                                 

I know, I have lot of responsibilities at home front and work but I have skilled  in finding space for myself I can say 🙂

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Ikebana style of flower arrangement- Beyond putting flowers together ! My childhood memory



Ikebana is a unique Japanese form of flower arrangement that was evolved more than 500 years ago and is still practiced and respected in cultural forms. It is a disciplined form of art, where there is rhythm and art. I am fortunate, if I think back the creativity that was brewed in me by my dad when we were kids. Myself and my sisters were given opportunities of learning to the fullest. He had an idea that Japanese culture had a unique creativity of flower arranging and asked me and my sisters, if were interested in learning Ikebana. Our excitement knew no bounds and were introduced to an instructor for learning Ikebana style. As kids what striked the interest in this Japanese style of art was, we would be going an extra mile while participating in flower arrangement shows.
Ikebana pays attention to the overall line and form of all plant material used and emphasizes minimalism and asymmetry, which is contrary to conventional flower arrangements where emphasis is given to bloom and colour of flowers in the vase. Ikebana involves creativity and follows rules of line, form and depth. Special attention is given to the number of stems used, arrangement of branches and the vase used. There is a rhythm for the eyes to follow even though it is asymmetrical. This reminds me our instructor accompanying us to a nursery for better choice of flowers and getting books on Ikebana style of flower arrangement. Use of irises, chrysanthemums and use of Japanese Asparagus were the favorites in our arrangements. To me, a room looks so serene that adorns the Ikebana arrangement and can change the mood of a room. Doing Ikebana, can be playful and at the same time involve creativity.
How much I adore doing these flower arrangements that bring your creativity and admiration for elegance and harmony 🙂
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Waiting Flower Girl


In Havana, a pretty flower girl was seen in her traditional dress, waiting for customers and tourists who would be willing to pay her some money for a picture they took. She stood waiting at the center of square in Havana. What a lovely long dress she wore bright red in colour that would draw anyone’s attention. A head gear that completed the attire and held a flower basket on one arm and a Spanish fan on the other side to beat the scorching heat.

Painted the “Wating Flower girl’ in watercolous- Winsor and Newton pigments on Arches paper (100 % cotton). Size – 8×11 inch.

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‘A Cuban’


Saw an aged Cuban sitting on the stairs of an old building in Havana. His simple living was reflected in his personality. He was too cool to get photographed. I knew then, I would like to paint him when I am back home. He did not mind getting clicked couple of times. Showing he was easy being photographed by tourists. 

Painted in Watercolours (Winsor and Newton pigments) on Arches paper (100 % Cotton), Size- 8×11.

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White Sand and Flip Flops


Painted ‘White Sand and Flip Flops’  on canvas 8×11 inch. in oils. It forms such a great memory from the vacation that any one can relate to. Once I am on the beach, I love to remove my flip flops. Seeing them embedded in the sand, soaked under the sun gives rays of relaxation. This painting can occupy anyone’s wall who has been to a beach vacation.

‘Classic Blue’


After all the travelling and vacations this summer, finally I am getting back to my studio to paint and spend more hours. Here I take the challenge of  daily painting. Ever since I came from Cuba I have been painting the cars in my mind. Cuba apart from known for its Cigars and white sands it is known for it colourful classic cars. I got to take tons of pictures that I can use for reference for my paintings and form great memories. Today I painted a classic car that I believe to be from early 1950’s or much before. A very attractive small four door car stood outside the Celicia restaurant in Havana. The car had a perfect backdrop of plants and wall of the restaurant with thatched roofs. I am glad I painted using high quality material -it  is painted on Arches watercolour paper (100% cotton) and Winsor and Newton watercolours. Size- 11×14 inch.