Harm Of Creating Our Own Cage

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We create our own cage by building barriers of thoughts of likes and dislikes, nos and dos.

                               We limit the possibility of growth by stopping our own potentials to fly like a bird.

We restrain to be limited to certain ideas and experiences, letting our ego flourish till we die.

                               We get lost in our past and limit the possibility of sunshine to spread in our future.

How and what we think is the result of controlling our own explorations.

                              When you feel caged there could be sense of drowning  with little self awareness.   

Open your senses infinitely by freeing out from the boundaries of cowardliness.

                                Let your mind not be controlled by limited explorations, let the lucidity of flowing energy bring happiness.                       

Let your energy flow freely, breaking the challenges of your boundaries of caged thoughts.

Live in a way that breaks the chains of timidness and brings respect to yourself and others.

                                                            (Picture courtesy -friend) 

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We create our own ripples


( Note I had received at work and it is indeed inspiring)

                      Our every action forms a ripple and every action forms a larger currant of life.

When we are create these ripples we are affecting not only ourselves but people around us. The beautiful currants tend to be strong that form a support for others.

We are responsible for these ripples by every action we do, every thought we have and the attitudes we give.

When we throw a stone like the actions we do, we want the right elegant ripples like the kindness towards others in life.

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Sunshine of hope


(Painting in watercolors, September 2015)

I am writing  here for a beautiful day for everyone. We have to lift our spirits every morning especially getting inspired by nature peeking through the window and looking at the beautiful sky and here I wanted to share from my journal:

The flattering sunshine

Invites to smile,

Carrying the joyous

Freshening soul,

Kissing the Hope

And brightening day. 

  Have a blessed Day !!


Raman   🙂


Reflections of the day

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For most of the weekdays as usual, today I juggled doing different tasks. I started my day with a warm lemon drink and now ending my day beside the lamp on my nightstand by the bed. 

I believe how much ever load of work we do, by the end of the day,  we get peace and strength from our positive attitudes. We build an inner calm and find light for our soul. 

Reflection of day helps one to:

Learn from the mistakes if any

-Rejoice the success of a task

-Be prepared for another day

As I reflect, there is essence of gratitude and love that is subscribed in my heart.

I look for another day with hope and smile !!!

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Raman 🙂

Tips To Become An Achiever At Work

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The magic beans on the stalk don’t grow unless you sow the golden seeds. Your core working values are your golden seeds that grow into rewards. You need to have the right mindful skills to be an achiever at work. Here are the tips that you you may keep in  mind:

                       Be familiar with the mission and vision of your workplace. Work towards the direction of the goals of your workplace/company/organization.

                            Set your own short term and long term goals. Your mind will be more clear towards the direction you want to achieve those goals.

                      Show your dedication and passion by being enthusiastic of finishing your tasks. Accept the changes that are desired from you by the administration. People who don’t accept sink in the rough waters.

                           Accept the challenges that come your way and be ready to perform at your best, even though it can be stressful sometimes but be positive and say “I Can”.

                      Be open to others ideas, listen to them and see what works best that benefits the company/organization. Be appreciative of the people around you.

                      Make a habit of using calendars that help you to be on top for all the deadlines and meetings and reminders.

                    Get up well in time before the work, so that your mind is relaxed before you get into the work environment where you can keep focus. 

                 Be comfortable with the pressure, don’t let it stress you. Use strategies of using your passions during off hours that will help to relax your mind.

                 Be mindful of your behavior and be communicative towards your colleagues. Be flexible to offer help when required.

                  Set priorities that will help you to be more organized and assist you to work under pressure. When you set priorities you are well prepared and always ready to face a situation that may arise.

                     Your approach should be positive that will also help you to build a positive relationship with your colleagues and help you to cross any barriers that may arise with regards to accomplishing the tasks.

Stay tuned and focused,  good luck !!


Raman  🙂

How Being Flexible In Life, Helps You

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Many times I have been asked, how I mange my schedules? Am I very disciplined in my daily routines. My answer is I am disciplined and at the same time flexible. For adults there is a huge difference in the two terms “being disciplined” and “being flexible in our lives.

When we become too disciplined we bring anxiety in our lives and our rigidity does not allow us to perform the tasks that come our way unexpectedly. There is always left a question what if ?? or one cannot break a military rule at home. 

Yes I was brought up in a household where we led  disciplined lives. That bringing has helped me to be disciplined in mannerism and being punctual with regards to work or meetings.

But when we are flexible in our thoughts and activities we are welcoming some great gifts that bring balance in our busy lives. We are not always worrying about things going just dot to dot. We become more open to options that come our way. For this we can practice the following:

  • Don’t make a habit of saying “no” just for the sake of saying.
  • It is important to welcome the opportunities that come your way.
  • Monitor your vocabulary that is in negative shouldn’t, couldn’t, never.
  • Be more practical, for this take charge of responding to a situation depending upon a circumstance.
  • Try new things in your life, it could be even with simple things like  food, movies, fragrances.  
  • Train your mind to be flexible that will bring more acceptance in your lives.


You have to be considerate of options and not always be charge of everything and be a point person for our daily lives. When we are flexible it becomes easier to adjust at our workplaces and at home as well. We become more communicative and collaborative and have the patience of giving an ear to others.

Stay Flexible, Stay Happy !!


Raman  🙂





Nine Dos To Draw Motivation !



  • You draw motivation by admiring every simple thing, that you think brings smile.
  • You don’t build barriers between your mind and a motivator.
  • You welcome tough things with open arms.
  • You believe in being positive.
  • You create challenges for yourself to grow.
  • You see beauty in the things that may seem rotten from outside.
  • You are ready to be flexible for a change, for the good.
  • You show curiosity of mind and are a learner.
  • You show enthusiasm that helps you to make a path for your growth.       

Here it gives me a chance to share a recent incidence. One morning when I woke up, I reminded myself how I had not worked out and I seemed uncomfortable with myself. As I looked through my big window I saw a shrub far off that seemed dark in colour. I had never noticed those shrubs before. At the same time the size of flowers interested me, I could see them even from a very far distance. I immediately made up my mind to go for a run that would give me a chance to look at the shrub  that appeared interesting to me from far. That dark shrub was a motivation for me that day to push myself. I not only enjoyed myself going for a run but also found the shrub had some beautiful flowers at a closer look.


( The dark shrubs that I saw from my window)

The beautiful shrubs at a closer look that motivated me to get outdoors and stay active !


It was truly amazing how my curiosity for that shrub in disguise was my motivation for that day 😊

Stay motivated !!!




Are You Empowered ?

In broader sense empowerment is  enhancing the skills at an individual or at a group level, where the skills can be used to get the desired outcome(s). Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and you get empowered by conquering your weaknesses and you are aware of setting your goals and working towards them by making the right choices. I believe every individual has the potential to be self aware by reflecting on their actions critically.  


(Clip from Sun Newspaper few years ago: myself beside my paintings when I was unaware of true meaning of empowerment, though I was aware of developing my new skills).

Same applies to the group of employees in a company or organization. When the employees learn the details, mission and vision of the company and can take actions for a desired outcome.

  • The word empowerment is powerful. Empowered people have the freedom of making choices and taking actions. It has been on my mind for many months and finally I am writing few of my thoughts here. 
  • Empowerment also leads to insight and confidence, with which you can analyze a situation critically and communicate effectively with others.

Here I will like to mention empowerment does not mean subduing someone. 


(I see sparkle in the learning eyes when they learn little by little and tell me how they can handle their  lives in a better way). 

A person can also feel empowered when he learns a new language in a completely different country and that helps him or her to make his life good for the betterment of his or her future.  

                             To become self empowered you have to take your own responsibility

  • Build confidence by taking your own decisions and making choices for the betterment.
  • Don’t hide your creativity. Let it create the ripples of your strength.    
  • Be positive in thinking towards others and yourself.
  • Know your weaknesses and strengths. When you are aware of your weaknesses you can work on them.
  • Analyze what is your contribution to the life that you are leading.
  • Don’t live on disappointments, instead make amendments where you feel the gaps that prevent you to achieve your goals.
  • Take decisions that  make you feel fulfilled.    

Empowerment does not come  over a day, but every step leads to a journey of empowerment.

Take the right actions to build empowerment in your life !!



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Power of Having Enthusiasm in Life



Last night I woke in the mid of my sleep, may be my room didn’t have the appropriate temperature. Though I woke up for about 10 min, I thought about enthusiasm… How important it is in ones life !! Some people don’t believe in being enthusiast and they are unaware of all the great things they miss. The biggest being the smiles and happiness from little things,which they miss for not having enthusiasm in life.

 (In the picture you see me perched on a construction truck loaded with dirt, yes ! I just wanted a picture for memory and didn’t care about the dirt and my heels and cloths getting dirty 🙂

The most powerful reasons I can think are :

  • You make your life lively and fun. Even during hard times if we make an effort to have fun it will makes it easier to cross the barriers that we are facing. There is an inner shine that brings peace and our heart is lighter to think about the steps we can take. Unfortunately some mistake it for ignoring the goals that we have to focus on.
  • You become a learner. You are always want to try doing things that will make you happy and in doing, you are in the process of learning new things. You show passion towards life.
  • You get your work done. By being enthusiastic you get the things done more easily. You take it in a positive way that you have the responsibility of finishing your tasks. many times in households or at work people lack the enthusiasm and they tend to be pushing their work away from them.
  • You change your attitude of being positive. When we change our attitudes to be positive we become loving towards others. We become more mindful in our attitude in our daily actions.
  • You trigger your energy level. By being enthusiastic you show curiosity in trying things that come your way. You want to take the opportunities that help you to grow and be happy. You will find yourself leading an active life style or someone who is eating well and staying healthy.


Make life beautiful by having enthusisasm !!!

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Developing Resilience For Work



There is no work that is without challenges and stress. But the way you can handle your work load makes a big difference in your performance and your outlook towards your work. Resilience is when you spring back in your work when a difficult situation arises and you take it as a challenge for your own growth. You learn and makes changes in your performance and become tolerant for future. Your efficiency is affected by the challenges you can take. You don’t show the signs of giving up and feeling low. 

A popular question asked by an interviewer is ……..

                                              How can you handle stress at work ?

Employers want to make sure their employers can handle the stress situations if it arises. I remember answering an interviewer at one time …I handle stress by going to the gym, working out or through painting. It overall effects my attitude on day to day basis and even at work. One should be capable of figuring out what works best for them and not grumble for the situation they are in. 

By saying all this, resilience looks different during economic  downturns when people are layed off not because of their performance but because of the economic situation the company is facing. Again the employee has to show resilience by not keeping low and having self doubts but take actions that will help them mentally and survive. A self employed person like an artist, may not have much income but shows resilience and trade off by the freedom they have with regards to time schedules and still be happy.

                         Ways to show resilience…..yes you can !!!

  1. Cultivate the practice of being flexible. Your work may involve changes or your boss may ask for modifications in the work you are doing. Be flexible to accept them and follow the guidelines as desired, things will become easy for you once attempt them. If you have a BIG NO in your mind you cannot succeed in overcoming the challenges.
  2. Be committed to your work. When you are committed you make sure your are honest in finishing the desired work as accepted. Resilient people have the urge to being on top of their responsibilities.
  3. Be ready to take challenges that come your way. Recently I had changes at workplace with regards to expectations of paper work. The lead told that people who had accepted the challenge had crossed the high tides but people who were not ready to take challenges were still struggling at work.
  4. Be patient in tackling a situation that may arise unexpectedly. Don’t let the fire create burned irreparable atmosphere for you. Train your mind to be patient and not feel frustrated in grave situations. Be mindful of what you are saying or doing. Your actions reflect at your work place.
  5. Create personal awareness for being mindful. When you create awareness of being mindful you become confident and don’t show self doubts. You may practice meditation or a healthy lifestyle to gain control on your mind without anxiety.
  6. Build a positive outlook that will help you to have a positive response to the situation you may face at work.  When I say positive response it means you are ready to take up the actions that will define your end goal with success.


                       Resilience helps us to grow with every opportunity and step we take !!!!


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