Bond with your soul and innerself through nature


HELLO 🙂 I am back here after a gap that has been unavoidable.*Before I continue, I want to thank all my readers who have mentioned to me that they read what I post and have been missing my writings lately. YES ! I am trying my best to get back and and stay connected with you through SHARING MY EXPERIENCES and THOUGHTS.

In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned nature is whimsical and magical bringing joy that may seem small but is in fact its BIG ! Yesterday I got the opportunity to encounter nature while on a picnic to Bakers  Park, Calgary and  small bunch of us friends ventured to hike and explore the woods and the surroundings.

When you step in the domain of nature every site is a joy, that brings lot of peace.

The connection is deep with your inner well being and you relax with a clarity of mind and soul that is relaxed and calm.

You smile at…. The trees, flowers, leaves, flowers, fallen twigs, any fruit or dragonfly , butterfly that you see and these smile back at you.

The surroundings are pure and the silence in the woods opens your mind and soul.

Once you truly discover nature’s beauty, it is a place where you would want to spend more time, solely connected with your inner self deep within that is so peaceful and positive. 

I definitely feel REJUVENATED 🙂 and RADIATING 🙂

Will be back again and don’t forget to leave a comment 😀

Love !







Mindfulness in gardening


IMG_5807 IMG_5988



For me the time spent in the garden varies from year to year, but most importantly it the PLEASURE GETTING FROM GARDENING even in a very little time spent.

We invite ourselves to be gentle and kind as we get connected to the pure living forms of nature and the non living soil full of mystery of grains and colors. The freshness of pure air makes us to breath deep and make our senses awake with positive self. The plants take their time to grow and their growth is with time, so we practice patience and tenderness. 

It is a good way of getting close to nature and when we spend time planting and weeding, we totally make our minds free of other situations in our lives. We are totally in that moment and free our minds. There is relaxation that can be felt by looking at different shapes, colors of  plants, flowers, leaves, the entangled roots or the smell of the soil.  

With every blooming bud and flower it brings a smile and joy, our heart is touched with the beauty and we are gripped in the fragrance of the flowers, wood, leaves and soil. The changing colors of leaves or the crackling fallen leaves make us wonder the magnificent fruits of nature. We get into direct connection with them from our inner core and we find harmony.

Every year when spring comes, I am waiting for the blooms. From spring to summer I make occasional trips to the garden center and admire the beautiful plants and look for any new editions to me made in the garden. This does not stop here, fall is again a time to look for deals and hardy perennial plants can still be planted that can survive in the soil and be ready for next year. 

Stay Mindful !!

Love- Raman