The drive to paint and write !!

Talking about writing that goes well with my painting or a quote gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. On one of my vacations as I sat by a large window in Charlottesville, enjoying the beauty of woods I wrote and painted:


“Deep in the woods, with every thumped footstep.

The golden leaves rustled, breaking the natures silence.

Sun rays pierced through the trees and sparkled the fallen leaves.

The pine cones are joyous

That make me whistle and sing “

No matter where you are, at your home, in your studio or at vacation you see beauty in little things that drive you to compose and make more. Your ideas begin to bubble big. I put lot of my time in thinking especially when I am composing a little illustration to go with my quote or a poem I have written. There is abundance of joy and you devote your time into it. 



Fun of Being an Artist in Residence

DSC09984    DSC09981   IMG_1738IMG_1766IMG_5163LDSC00019 Last Saturday (September 27th, 2014) I got the fabulous opportunity of being Artist in Residence at Cardel Place, Calgary  as they celebrated their 10th anniversary. What it really meant was- lot of excitement and great experience. Starting a painting from the very beginning and finishing within time frame of four hours. I chose to do an oil painting that was inspired from a walk in Nose Hill Park, Calgary. I had till taken pictures with beautiful fall trees as an inspiration and painting them. This was challenging, at the same time fun and interesting. Without loosing my focus I continued to interact, taking pictures and kept the time frame in my mind too. As my friends and public poured in, I interacted with them answering their questions and responding to the appreciation of my paintings from them.  I look forward to more of these opportunities. People asked about my classes and entered to subscribe my newsletter. This was a rewarding day for me !!!