What a simple smile can do !


A simple smile is a symbol of warmth and kindness.  It is a non verbal communication and can lighten up many hearts. It can lighten up your mood and others heart. Smiling reflects your inner wellness and happiness. It is sad when people try to give the rigid looks by not smiling. When I see people lack of smile I feel, they highly lack the appreciation for others and want also to represent themselves as non friendly. 


Smiling brings out the positive emotions. Many years back I remember someone mentioning you smile without any reason which I felt was not a compliment and this did not stop me to smile. I am glad the other day my colleague Lesley mentioned that her husband mentioned me by saying – She is always smiling and Lesley with a gracious smile asked me to take it as a compliment :-).  

When we smile our smiling muscles contract that send a response to our brain and hormone serotonin are released which in turn brings us joy. Communication becomes easier when you can smile in a genuine way. But off course we have to be mindful of situations when we are smiling.

A smile can brighten up your day or someone else’s day so don’t forget to smile.

Here are few lines about smile that I wrote few months ago:

I want to wake up with a smile

Smile that will make me do better than yesterday,

Smile that will remind me of the little blessings,

Smile that will remind me of hope,

Smile that gives me strength,

Smile that spreads the message of love,

Smile that knocks down negative emotions,

Smile that speaks volumes of fresh beginnings.

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Raman  🙂


Five Ways to Unlock Your Potentials


You can understand your journey of life better and make it more beautiful if you unlock your potentials. Know your inner self by discovering the diverse things you could be able to perform. Many times people get staggered and approach life in a different way that makes them distant from their inner potentials. Your own false assumptions can hold you back in knowing what you really hold inside. Practice the following that can help you to unlock your potentials :

1. Believe in yourself:

Always believe in yourself in what you want to do. Only you can give permission to your own heart to take a step and go ahead to do. This could be anything example – working on a project, speaking out to an audience, creating an art piece, performing an act etc. Remember when you believe in yourself you gain self confidence and self esteem.

2. Don’t fear the rejection:

You could be holding back to perform with a fear of getting rejected by the people around or the public. Leave the fear behind. Only you know what works best for you. You could find success from the very first try or get success after couple of tries. Your main goal should be to perform. Eventually you will turn it to a point where you get recognized by your conscious of peace and the surroundings .

3. Don’t value your potentials with materialism:

I have seen people missing out to unlock their potentials when they weigh it with money. They think it is a waste of time as they they won’t be earning much out of it. They fail to understand the importance of potentials on a larger scale of life, gaining rich experiences and knowing the true meaning of joy.

4. Get Inspired:

Be open minded and get inspired from things that excite you. Be positive to adapt to situations or activities that make you happy. Get interested in things and you will get to see the opportunities will fall in front of you.

5. Go beyond your comfort level and be a learner:

When you are a continuous leaner you find yourself gaining valuable experiences and unlocking your potentials. Once you realize to go beyond your comfort level you will take more challenges and help to know about more different that you can do or love to do.


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Are You Empowered ?

In broader sense empowerment is  enhancing the skills at an individual or at a group level, where the skills can be used to get the desired outcome(s). Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and you get empowered by conquering your weaknesses and you are aware of setting your goals and working towards them by making the right choices. I believe every individual has the potential to be self aware by reflecting on their actions critically.  


(Clip from Sun Newspaper few years ago: myself beside my paintings when I was unaware of true meaning of empowerment, though I was aware of developing my new skills).

Same applies to the group of employees in a company or organization. When the employees learn the details, mission and vision of the company and can take actions for a desired outcome.

  • The word empowerment is powerful. Empowered people have the freedom of making choices and taking actions. It has been on my mind for many months and finally I am writing few of my thoughts here. 
  • Empowerment also leads to insight and confidence, with which you can analyze a situation critically and communicate effectively with others.

Here I will like to mention empowerment does not mean subduing someone. 


(I see sparkle in the learning eyes when they learn little by little and tell me how they can handle their  lives in a better way). 

A person can also feel empowered when he learns a new language in a completely different country and that helps him or her to make his life good for the betterment of his or her future.  

                             To become self empowered you have to take your own responsibility

  • Build confidence by taking your own decisions and making choices for the betterment.
  • Don’t hide your creativity. Let it create the ripples of your strength.    
  • Be positive in thinking towards others and yourself.
  • Know your weaknesses and strengths. When you are aware of your weaknesses you can work on them.
  • Analyze what is your contribution to the life that you are leading.
  • Don’t live on disappointments, instead make amendments where you feel the gaps that prevent you to achieve your goals.
  • Take decisions that  make you feel fulfilled.    

Empowerment does not come  over a day, but every step leads to a journey of empowerment.

Take the right actions to build empowerment in your life !!



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