Colouring Book Binder for download


The twenty page colouring book with quotes was especially prepared by Raman Gill for intermediate to beginners to express through colouring and have fun. Through colouring adults and kids can relax and bring out their creativity in a meaningful way.

Click on the link to download or print the colouring binder for free and have fun ! 🙂

Colouring Binder






Five Ways to Unlock Your Potentials


You can understand your journey of life better and make it more beautiful if you unlock your potentials. Know your inner self by discovering the diverse things you could be able to perform. Many times people get staggered and approach life in a different way that makes them distant from their inner potentials. Your own false assumptions can hold you back in knowing what you really hold inside. Practice the following that can help you to unlock your potentials :

1. Believe in yourself:

Always believe in yourself in what you want to do. Only you can give permission to your own heart to take a step and go ahead to do. This could be anything example – working on a project, speaking out to an audience, creating an art piece, performing an act etc. Remember when you believe in yourself you gain self confidence and self esteem.

2. Don’t fear the rejection:

You could be holding back to perform with a fear of getting rejected by the people around or the public. Leave the fear behind. Only you know what works best for you. You could find success from the very first try or get success after couple of tries. Your main goal should be to perform. Eventually you will turn it to a point where you get recognized by your conscious of peace and the surroundings .

3. Don’t value your potentials with materialism:

I have seen people missing out to unlock their potentials when they weigh it with money. They think it is a waste of time as they they won’t be earning much out of it. They fail to understand the importance of potentials on a larger scale of life, gaining rich experiences and knowing the true meaning of joy.

4. Get Inspired:

Be open minded and get inspired from things that excite you. Be positive to adapt to situations or activities that make you happy. Get interested in things and you will get to see the opportunities will fall in front of you.

5. Go beyond your comfort level and be a learner:

When you are a continuous leaner you find yourself gaining valuable experiences and unlocking your potentials. Once you realize to go beyond your comfort level you will take more challenges and help to know about more different that you can do or love to do.


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Practical Tips To Do Better Next Year

It is month of November and we are coming to an end of this year. What are your thoughts how you did in the present year ?
  • Do you have the urge to do better next year?
  • Do you feel you are continuously struggling in a sphere?
  • Do you feel you lack goals?


I want to summarize few things while I write. This can be a vast topic as we may want to do good in so many different spheres like relationships, job, finances, grades, sports, politics, in the community and the list goes on. 
When I think about the year that is ending, for me it had mixed situations that I had to face and were not in my control. I had to make amendments in my plans and schedules.
You may want to do better next year, so that you are on the curve of growth which is important in life. Here are some tips that you may keep in mind do better next year. Lot depends upon the choices we make, we have to be open to be a learner and learn from our mistakes or the good things we achieved.
REFLECT on the things you wanted to do better in eg. Better at job, getting better at grades, better in relationships. Think about your short term and long term goals and if possible write them down as a checklist. Unless you don’t know in what direction you are going in your life, you  can get stagnated in a situation where you may not wish to be in.
PRIORITIZE what is important for you. Spend time more on the sphere you want to do good at. New tasks keep appearing on a daily basis, so prioritize your tasks. Manage your time well in a meaningful way.  Get involved in activities that brings good results for you, as you continue your path. This will help in bringing self confidence for you.
        “Practice makes you grow”
TAKE HELP OR COLLABORATE Human beings are not perfectionists. So take help from your family/ friends/ colleagues / professional help who will provide you with the right advice. Also when you discuss your point with some one, you have better understanding of a situation you may be in.  
-MANAGE YOUR TIME Time is precious and take your decisions in a rightly manner. Be cautious how you are spending your time that is valuable to you. You don’t have to do things that are being done only to impress others and have no value to you.
-SELF IMPROVEMENT helps you in managing different things in your life. It should especially include being a positive person, get rid of any bad habits, any physical changes you want to bring etc. You cannot make a change in a day, but once you start practicing you can target it. Even though it can be a long term goal which should be accomplished in couple of months.

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My Daily Painting Of Empathy

When I am happy I paint.

When I am sad I paint.

When I cry I paint.

When I am in joy I paint.

I trust my instincts and an artist’s empathy. While the wind strikes, I wiggle like the fallen leaves that show the strength in their glorified colors. In varied thoughts and emotions, brushes and paints are my friends.

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Raman 🙂


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Joy of Colours



The front yard painted in watercolours

“The  moment I gazed at it

The joyous smile was created

Harmony  and symphony sprang

That was felt by my heart within

I knew I was jubilant”

Love 🙂


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Coping With Stress


(Myself enjoying the touch of waves, the touch of sea shells and feel of the ocean breeze)

People fail to understand joy is right beside them and could be in little packets. You have to open these packets that have the hidden treasures for your mind to be more relaxed and calm. How many times you have had a conversation with your family, colleagues, friends about the stressed life you lead in this era of technology like a machine who continuously has to manage everything including work, family, time, finances all at the same time without meaningful practices. Here I would like to share some of the tips that I practice to lead a life that is more joyful :

1.Take control of your mind:

When you know how to control and not let the surroundings affect you, you  can control your mind. When you know how to mange you will be more relaxed. You are conscious of what you desire and not allow the negativity or stress affect you. Listen to your mind and not to the surroundings that bring stress, fear and anger.

2. Be not someone who makes comparisons in life:

Unfortunately people spend large amount of their time making comparisons of their life with others and worrying. People who make comparisons of their life with others end up feeling miserable. For example people end up buying bigger homes on seeing others and end up financially broke and physically broke working different jobs. Be conscious of how you look at life and not focus on how big or small materialistic things you have or do.

3. Appreciate the beauty of the little things around you:   

When you start appreciating the little things around you, you bring in the contentment in life. You don’t feel stressed of not owning the things you cannot.Even a little opening of a bud makes you feel happy, you don’t wait for the big magical things to happen to make you happy.

4. Express yourself: 

Don’t have a fear of your existence, instead take out time to express yourself in any form.It could be through laughter; expressing your thoughts verbally or writing; painting or music. Express your own joy and don’t run after it. Joy is right there beside you or inside you. You don’t have to run after it. Your well being will come from within.

5. Lead an active life:

Break the monotone in your daily routines of going to work and sleeping. Pick up any activity that makes you feel relaxed and feel at peace. It could be going to the gym, cooking, singing, painting, dancing, gardening or writing. These are the times when you don’t allow the outer distractions to disturb your mind and you are all into it .

6. Get your mind to relax:

Relax your mind that will help you to calm.. Simple practices of doing yoga, meditation or evening closing your eyes for few minutes and breathing in and out will make a difference. Even if you are physically tired relaxing your mind will relieve you of stress.

7. Appreciate reality:

Appreciate the realities of life and don’t run after the things that are far distant and seem out of the world. Accept the situations you are in and find out the solutions to work on them. Acknowledge to experience the way it is. 

                          “Bliss of life is experienced from within by your own practices and thoughts”


Raman 🙂

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Finding Joyous Thoughts

image( Morning Sunrise at 6.30 am)

Good morning !!!

Every morning I wake to start my day with positive thoughts and leave behind any uncomfortable thoughts that there may have been a day before.

This morning when I woke, I looked for the beautiful sky through my large window. Seeing the captivating colours I ran down with my speedy toes down the the stairs and out in the yard, to capture. There was stillness and purity that I felt as I gazed.

As I watched, I admired the different tones of pink, yellow, orange, blue in the sky. Admired the rising sun , the power it shows. The  positive energy was felt that was being radiated. The sunshine that brings hope for a brighter day. A day that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Soon I will be leaving to the mountains for hike and paint that has been organized. I want the moments to be positive without the negative thoughts while getting close to nature. Which will bring lot of peace within 😊.

Happy Saturday !!



Writing little letters to myself


When I am driving I am thinking,

When I am by side of nature I am thinking,

When I am exercising I am thinking,

These little letters are being written to myself in mind. I read them to be aware of myself and my surroundings. The little letters are stacked in my mind and take the shape of my emotions. They burn the energy out of me that make me love them and keep them close to my heart.

The little letters are imprinted in colours that are both glorious and faded. They are hard to get rid off especially when they form a great friend. No matter what the ink they are written in, the little letters form a pack of smiles, love, tears, forgiveness.


Joy of thinking !!! 😊





Developing Resilience For Work



There is no work that is without challenges and stress. But the way you can handle your work load makes a big difference in your performance and your outlook towards your work. Resilience is when you spring back in your work when a difficult situation arises and you take it as a challenge for your own growth. You learn and makes changes in your performance and become tolerant for future. Your efficiency is affected by the challenges you can take. You don’t show the signs of giving up and feeling low. 

A popular question asked by an interviewer is ……..

                                              How can you handle stress at work ?

Employers want to make sure their employers can handle the stress situations if it arises. I remember answering an interviewer at one time …I handle stress by going to the gym, working out or through painting. It overall effects my attitude on day to day basis and even at work. One should be capable of figuring out what works best for them and not grumble for the situation they are in. 

By saying all this, resilience looks different during economic  downturns when people are layed off not because of their performance but because of the economic situation the company is facing. Again the employee has to show resilience by not keeping low and having self doubts but take actions that will help them mentally and survive. A self employed person like an artist, may not have much income but shows resilience and trade off by the freedom they have with regards to time schedules and still be happy.

                         Ways to show resilience…..yes you can !!!

  1. Cultivate the practice of being flexible. Your work may involve changes or your boss may ask for modifications in the work you are doing. Be flexible to accept them and follow the guidelines as desired, things will become easy for you once attempt them. If you have a BIG NO in your mind you cannot succeed in overcoming the challenges.
  2. Be committed to your work. When you are committed you make sure your are honest in finishing the desired work as accepted. Resilient people have the urge to being on top of their responsibilities.
  3. Be ready to take challenges that come your way. Recently I had changes at workplace with regards to expectations of paper work. The lead told that people who had accepted the challenge had crossed the high tides but people who were not ready to take challenges were still struggling at work.
  4. Be patient in tackling a situation that may arise unexpectedly. Don’t let the fire create burned irreparable atmosphere for you. Train your mind to be patient and not feel frustrated in grave situations. Be mindful of what you are saying or doing. Your actions reflect at your work place.
  5. Create personal awareness for being mindful. When you create awareness of being mindful you become confident and don’t show self doubts. You may practice meditation or a healthy lifestyle to gain control on your mind without anxiety.
  6. Build a positive outlook that will help you to have a positive response to the situation you may face at work.  When I say positive response it means you are ready to take up the actions that will define your end goal with success.


                       Resilience helps us to grow with every opportunity and step we take !!!!


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Importance of living in the present


When you are living in the past or future, you are doing it mentally, but in reality you are in present. Even when you prepare for your future you are doing it in present, at that moment. Often people say their mind wanders even when they are trying to learn to meditate. This is because their mind wanders in the past or future.

Every time I am doing something new or taking up a new opportunity I am enjoying at that moment. I prepare my future by doing my best at that moment, taking into consideration by capabilities and my responsibilities to my family. How important it becomes to live in the present without any regrets and worrying about your future. Think “now” is the time when you are building even for future.

            I believe you can practice living in present by :

1. With every morning sunshine, take it is an opportunity to smile and do your best. God has given you the opportunity to finish the unfinished tasks. There is so much potential in the present moment. Smile at the little joys and smile at people around you.

2. Be motivated to do your job wholeheartedly. Trigger the enthusiasm by being passionate. Present gives you the opportunities of the moment to be in your awareness of  happiness.

3. Don’t worry about the future instead prepare yourself by living in the present that will prepare for future. Don’t deplete your energies by worrying, instead look for the options, work on them for solutions. 

4. Don’t give weighted importance to things you did yesterday for example your past job. Importantly I think how I can use the skills I have build and use them in the present.  I take the present moment to be happy. 

5. Be open minded and you will find how easy it becomes for things to flow. You become open to new things in the present and except them without judgments.

6.Practice active life that will make you feel fulfilled without regret. This will help you   gain different experiences and gain confidence. You will live in the present of the new experiences you gain.

Keep living in the present !!!



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