Compassion and Work

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Compassion is important both when we are working alone or with people around us. When we are alone we have to show compassion towards ourselves and towards others when working along others.

It forms a big pillar shifting our stress levels to happiness and kindness.

Often at work places we have competition, criticism and blaming among one another. But in doing so, we close our hearts and  we  bring suffering both internally and externally. Don’t be hesitant in saying words of praise to others or feeling encouraged yourself when something good has happened.

We need to practice well being for everyone, sharing information or workload. When you make it a practice you don’t feel the burden and happily accept helping others around you and feel liberated.

Good sense of humor at work place breaks the daily monotony and lightens up the atmosphere when everyone is at their toes at my work place. One of my colleague is super hilarious and we encourage and participate in her hilarious conversation and it makes a big difference in terms of our outlook towards hectic work.

We all know when one colleagues is only complaining and bouncing a negative remark the first thing on coming to work is not welcomed. Because we want to feel happy especially where we are going to spend so many hours and have to show our input.

When we practice compassion we also bring patience listening to others and we break the conflict of confusion and harshness towards others. 

Compassion is very powerful we don’t feel disconnected from our inner well being and our existence among others. 

Have Compassion !!!


Raman 🙂