Meeting the author and his books on ‘The Lost Heritage’ – An Extraordinary Work !


Jubilant myself and my friend Harpinder Randhawa with the two books The lost Heritage and The Quest Continues


Excited with the book signing


It was a privilege to have Mr Amardeep Singh in our city the author of two books 1. The Lost Heritage – The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan 2.The quest continues – Lost Heritage.

Before I talk about his books here, I wish to congratulate him and salute him for his commendable job by writing these books. I get a strong sense that GOD chose Mr Amardeep Singh from millions of people around the world to undertake this extraordinary journey that meant exploring of roots admits distress and terror that no ordinary citizen could have attempted .

His first book is an exploration of Sikh Legacy in 36 villages in 30 days and his second book is an exploration of Sikh Legacy in 90 cities and villages in another 30 days which is an extraordinary  contribution for the public, the present generations and the coming generations. A very deep rooted desire to connect with the land of his ancestors propelled Singapore based Amardeep to visit Pakistan. Engineer by profession and holding Masters in Business Administration from University of Chicago, Mr Amardeep worked in the corporate world at high positions for 25 years before he took up his mission of travelling to the land of his ancestors. Little did he know in the 25 years, that his passion for literature and skills in creative arts  prepared him to write extensively in detail in his two books.

As I read both of his books I realized the author has gone beyond just writing these two books that have wealth of information, photographs and scriptures. Mr Amardeep Singh has shown courage and fircelessness by travelling to even the remotest unknown places to us and bringing the lost legacy which has never been attempted before.

In his first book as the author initiates his journey after making his formalities of immigration he is approached by an Pakistan Intelligence Official in plain clothes with volley of questions and the author thinks if he had made a mistake by travelling in that part of the world. As I read to me, it seemed like a movie scene as it was so dramatic and fearless that it is remote someone would take the courage of taking this task. As the author travelled from from one point to another the reader is travelling along with him and getting to know about the wealth of monuments, Gurudwaras, inscriptions, the legendary forts and the stories that have been left behind.

There were instances of sadness and jubilation for the author that could be felt by me as a reader who got immersed and was travelling along with the author. Feeling of sadness when he saw a demolished Gurudwara in remains or when the artifacts of a Gurudwara or monument had been destroyed by negligent thinking of restoring this ancestoral wealth. The emotions were jubilant when the author saw visitors from different faiths in a Gurudwara as it reflected peace in humanity or when he visited the Fakir Khara Museum in Lahore.

Where ever the author felt the history had been distorted he did his research and has shown forage to call upon the historians to adopt a rational investigation approach. e.g his research on the the missing roof from Jahangir’s mausoleum in Lahore.

Without having read these books never would have I known the Sikhs left in Pakistan want their identity to be known and are proud sikhs. They have named their businesses to let people now of their identity like the Sradar ji Clinic, The Khalsa Oil and the Sardarji Lengha house. The author heard the first hand stories like that from Muzammal Bibi and Muhammad Aslam that has helped in keeping the history alive.

Among numerous unique things recorded by the author one of them that held my heart was to see in Guru Ramdasss Gurudwara a Sindhi performing kirtan, A sikh reading Guru Garanth sahib ji and a muslim devotee holding the Chaur sahib. A unique example of peace and humanity that is often broken in different parts of the world.

The author made the two travels  in such a short period of time and gathered astounding information and research-while he faced numerous challenges. The two books are exceptionally extraordinary and should be occupying space in all households who have concern for humanity and history of legacy. Good luck to him for his future projects.

Analysis by Raman Gill as a reader.



Bliss !

IMG_7063Never had I thought,

I would fall to your love ❤️,

Wrapped in true colours,

With colours and brushes 💃🏻 dancing,

That form the spirited 🌈 rainbow,

On the canvas of life,

I don’t care for the worldly tantrums,

I am already in a sweet bliss,

On heavenly peace flying high,

Riding a chariot that my heart desires.

  • Raman 😊

How Are You Investing Your Energy?

IMG_8206   IMG_3757
(At Food Bank)               (Close to nature)
In 2000 my mom had introduced me to a Reikhi Master, from whom she would go for a treatment. Later we both learned the art of Rekhi practice from that expert Master seeing its importance. During the lessons, it was interesting to get educated how energies work in human beings.

The aura of human beings is directly proportional to the health of an individual. I have been quiet convinced by this fact, witnising health of individuals changing when these energies are balanced. I dug into my notes and recalled our our body is surrounded by five layers/levels.

To experience harmony, balance & well being in every aspect of physical life it is important that all the layers of vibrating energy contribute to our existence function together as an integrated whole. All these levels have vibrations and form the vibes that you emit to the surroundings.

Unfortunately we invest our energies at the wrong places by not making good choices and not realizing we are draining ourselves. We drain our energies when we develop the negative feelings and emotions toward our surroundings in our thoughts and actions. Every single thought negative or positive makes you a person as a whole.

So it is important we invest our energies into kindness, gratitude, love, appreciation, meditating. It may seem complex but can be attained by simple day to day positive actions. Once we develop the attitude of using these energies in the right direction we get a great sense of inner well being. 

So hang on to investigate your energies that will be meaningful for your well being 🙂



What a simple smile can do !


A simple smile is a symbol of warmth and kindness.  It is a non verbal communication and can lighten up many hearts. It can lighten up your mood and others heart. Smiling reflects your inner wellness and happiness. It is sad when people try to give the rigid looks by not smiling. When I see people lack of smile I feel, they highly lack the appreciation for others and want also to represent themselves as non friendly. 


Smiling brings out the positive emotions. Many years back I remember someone mentioning you smile without any reason which I felt was not a compliment and this did not stop me to smile. I am glad the other day my colleague Lesley mentioned that her husband mentioned me by saying – She is always smiling and Lesley with a gracious smile asked me to take it as a compliment :-).  

When we smile our smiling muscles contract that send a response to our brain and hormone serotonin are released which in turn brings us joy. Communication becomes easier when you can smile in a genuine way. But off course we have to be mindful of situations when we are smiling.

A smile can brighten up your day or someone else’s day so don’t forget to smile.

Here are few lines about smile that I wrote few months ago:

I want to wake up with a smile

Smile that will make me do better than yesterday,

Smile that will remind me of the little blessings,

Smile that will remind me of hope,

Smile that gives me strength,

Smile that spreads the message of love,

Smile that knocks down negative emotions,

Smile that speaks volumes of fresh beginnings.

So keep smiling !! JUST DO IT !! And don’t forget to like here 🙂


Raman  🙂

Compassion and Work

FullSizeRender (9)

Compassion is important both when we are working alone or with people around us. When we are alone we have to show compassion towards ourselves and towards others when working along others.

It forms a big pillar shifting our stress levels to happiness and kindness.

Often at work places we have competition, criticism and blaming among one another. But in doing so, we close our hearts and  we  bring suffering both internally and externally. Don’t be hesitant in saying words of praise to others or feeling encouraged yourself when something good has happened.

We need to practice well being for everyone, sharing information or workload. When you make it a practice you don’t feel the burden and happily accept helping others around you and feel liberated.

Good sense of humor at work place breaks the daily monotony and lightens up the atmosphere when everyone is at their toes at my work place. One of my colleague is super hilarious and we encourage and participate in her hilarious conversation and it makes a big difference in terms of our outlook towards hectic work.

We all know when one colleagues is only complaining and bouncing a negative remark the first thing on coming to work is not welcomed. Because we want to feel happy especially where we are going to spend so many hours and have to show our input.

When we practice compassion we also bring patience listening to others and we break the conflict of confusion and harshness towards others. 

Compassion is very powerful we don’t feel disconnected from our inner well being and our existence among others. 

Have Compassion !!!


Raman 🙂



Coping With Stress


(Myself enjoying the touch of waves, the touch of sea shells and feel of the ocean breeze)

People fail to understand joy is right beside them and could be in little packets. You have to open these packets that have the hidden treasures for your mind to be more relaxed and calm. How many times you have had a conversation with your family, colleagues, friends about the stressed life you lead in this era of technology like a machine who continuously has to manage everything including work, family, time, finances all at the same time without meaningful practices. Here I would like to share some of the tips that I practice to lead a life that is more joyful :

1.Take control of your mind:

When you know how to control and not let the surroundings affect you, you  can control your mind. When you know how to mange you will be more relaxed. You are conscious of what you desire and not allow the negativity or stress affect you. Listen to your mind and not to the surroundings that bring stress, fear and anger.

2. Be not someone who makes comparisons in life:

Unfortunately people spend large amount of their time making comparisons of their life with others and worrying. People who make comparisons of their life with others end up feeling miserable. For example people end up buying bigger homes on seeing others and end up financially broke and physically broke working different jobs. Be conscious of how you look at life and not focus on how big or small materialistic things you have or do.

3. Appreciate the beauty of the little things around you:   

When you start appreciating the little things around you, you bring in the contentment in life. You don’t feel stressed of not owning the things you cannot.Even a little opening of a bud makes you feel happy, you don’t wait for the big magical things to happen to make you happy.

4. Express yourself: 

Don’t have a fear of your existence, instead take out time to express yourself in any form.It could be through laughter; expressing your thoughts verbally or writing; painting or music. Express your own joy and don’t run after it. Joy is right there beside you or inside you. You don’t have to run after it. Your well being will come from within.

5. Lead an active life:

Break the monotone in your daily routines of going to work and sleeping. Pick up any activity that makes you feel relaxed and feel at peace. It could be going to the gym, cooking, singing, painting, dancing, gardening or writing. These are the times when you don’t allow the outer distractions to disturb your mind and you are all into it .

6. Get your mind to relax:

Relax your mind that will help you to calm.. Simple practices of doing yoga, meditation or evening closing your eyes for few minutes and breathing in and out will make a difference. Even if you are physically tired relaxing your mind will relieve you of stress.

7. Appreciate reality:

Appreciate the realities of life and don’t run after the things that are far distant and seem out of the world. Accept the situations you are in and find out the solutions to work on them. Acknowledge to experience the way it is. 

                          “Bliss of life is experienced from within by your own practices and thoughts”


Raman 🙂

Thank for visiting !!!


Capturing the essence of positive energy


Good morning !! The picture is from yesterday on visiting the mountains with friends.

When I say energy it does not mean something religious or spiritual. It means the reactions you evoke in yourself in every little thing you do, say, act or think in our daily lives. It forms a bigger picture to your attitudes. You create your own experiences by capturing the positive energy. 

When you make a habit of capturing the positive energies in your day to day activities ~

You will feel the beauty of its essence.

You will be in a state of inspired energy.

You have a sense of accomplishment.

You will feel from within and people will notice as well, as they are being effected as well.

You can quickly make a transition when negative situation confronts you.

                                         Talking about this time of the year, it has rained a lot this time in my Calgary city. I don’t allow the rain to make me sickly.

When I look through the window on a rainy day I will enjoy the beauty of the colors formed in the sky and the plants that are wet with the rain drops bringing freshness. Even grey color in sky during rains form different shades and shapes of clouds.

You close your eyes and feel the essence of positive energy and capture. Some energies are very powerful, like being close to nature as it is pure and effects your senses. 

                                             You will be in a wave of appreciating more than in a wave of disregard.

It is an internal cure you do to yourself by capturing the positive energy and you will feel it.


Raman 🙂

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Finding Joyous Thoughts

image( Morning Sunrise at 6.30 am)

Good morning !!!

Every morning I wake to start my day with positive thoughts and leave behind any uncomfortable thoughts that there may have been a day before.

This morning when I woke, I looked for the beautiful sky through my large window. Seeing the captivating colours I ran down with my speedy toes down the the stairs and out in the yard, to capture. There was stillness and purity that I felt as I gazed.

As I watched, I admired the different tones of pink, yellow, orange, blue in the sky. Admired the rising sun , the power it shows. The  positive energy was felt that was being radiated. The sunshine that brings hope for a brighter day. A day that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Soon I will be leaving to the mountains for hike and paint that has been organized. I want the moments to be positive without the negative thoughts while getting close to nature. Which will bring lot of peace within 😊.

Happy Saturday !!



Discover Your Consciousness


DSCN1422 IMG_1220
(Early morning, feeling the essence of existence)

Remember you have a journey of life and you are here for a purpose. There are scaffolding’s that lead you to take the paths in the journey of life.  

Life comes to you 

You go through it

It happens for you

You need to take the right turns

Be aware of your being here in this universe by being self aware. By being self aware of your existence, you make the turns to be happy and be in peace. 

When you are conscious you face the realities of life without feeling you are the victim. Remember life is always with  waves of ocean that can calm down or move with a  force of gush.

Trap the right energies that are around you. You will feel light heart and joy.

                              You embrace the right energies by being conscious of your actions.

There is a pleasant swell, that is enduring which will grip your soul and you feel the sweetness.

Every little small moment can bring your senses into power of being bright with the light of right energy.

There are always little gifts wrapped in your situations and you unwrap them by being conscious.

There is essence of knowing something deeply that will help you sail through the thoughts of fear, anger and sufferings.

As you evolve in the right conscious you see the beautiful life that brings sunshine in the fresh mornings and the twinkling stars in the dark nights.

                               Love the aroma of your existence by being in right conscious !!!!



Raman 🙂





Six tips to keep yourself motivated to exercise and stay active

IMG_1542      image

We often get derailed to stay active or exercise. It can be due to various situations in our lives like our busy schedules or relationships or finances and we tend to get demoralized. It becomes hard for us to push and feel low.

But at the end of the day we have to remind how important it is to stay active.

In fact being active brings gratification, we fell energized, we keep ourselves fit and the best part we feel good about ourselves that keeps ourselves in good spirits.

                                     We can keep ourselves motivated by :

                       1. Remember someone you love. Bring him or her to be your inspiration. Remember the smile that he or she brings for you.

2. Remind yourself how good you will feel when you will fit into a dress you have wanted to wear.

                        3. You can plan your day or thoughts even while doing simple exercises like running or treadmill. I have done it many times.

4. Challenge yourself and share it with your friends and family. You may set up a goal and mark it down.

                       5. Don’t be shy to take pictures while you exercise or stay active. 

6. Share your experiences of being active with your friends/colleagues/family


Try them out ! Happy Staying active!


Raman  🙂