Ewing Sarcoma

This is a blog of a 21 year old fighter who was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.
I was 19 years old, just figuring out what I want to do for a living and how I’d like to plan out my education. I began the course of my interest in the winter semester and enjoyed the type of knowledge and personal skills it was teaching me. As February rolled in, I started to develop pain in my rib and it was the type of pain that was indescribable. I went into my GP and they advised that it may just be minor stress or some sort of irritated nerves since I just began physical exercise at the gym. As time went on the pain went away and then it would come back but it came back even sharper and intolerable. I went into the hospital and they assessed me for pain…

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How Are You Investing Your Energy?

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(At Food Bank)               (Close to nature)
In 2000 my mom had introduced me to a Reikhi Master, from whom she would go for a treatment. Later we both learned the art of Rekhi practice from that expert Master seeing its importance. During the lessons, it was interesting to get educated how energies work in human beings.

The aura of human beings is directly proportional to the health of an individual. I have been quiet convinced by this fact, witnising health of individuals changing when these energies are balanced. I dug into my notes and recalled our our body is surrounded by five layers/levels.

To experience harmony, balance & well being in every aspect of physical life it is important that all the layers of vibrating energy contribute to our existence function together as an integrated whole. All these levels have vibrations and form the vibes that you emit to the surroundings.

Unfortunately we invest our energies at the wrong places by not making good choices and not realizing we are draining ourselves. We drain our energies when we develop the negative feelings and emotions toward our surroundings in our thoughts and actions. Every single thought negative or positive makes you a person as a whole.

So it is important we invest our energies into kindness, gratitude, love, appreciation, meditating. It may seem complex but can be attained by simple day to day positive actions. Once we develop the attitude of using these energies in the right direction we get a great sense of inner well being. 

So hang on to investigate your energies that will be meaningful for your well being 🙂



What a simple smile can do !


A simple smile is a symbol of warmth and kindness.  It is a non verbal communication and can lighten up many hearts. It can lighten up your mood and others heart. Smiling reflects your inner wellness and happiness. It is sad when people try to give the rigid looks by not smiling. When I see people lack of smile I feel, they highly lack the appreciation for others and want also to represent themselves as non friendly. 


Smiling brings out the positive emotions. Many years back I remember someone mentioning you smile without any reason which I felt was not a compliment and this did not stop me to smile. I am glad the other day my colleague Lesley mentioned that her husband mentioned me by saying – She is always smiling and Lesley with a gracious smile asked me to take it as a compliment :-).  

When we smile our smiling muscles contract that send a response to our brain and hormone serotonin are released which in turn brings us joy. Communication becomes easier when you can smile in a genuine way. But off course we have to be mindful of situations when we are smiling.

A smile can brighten up your day or someone else’s day so don’t forget to smile.

Here are few lines about smile that I wrote few months ago:

I want to wake up with a smile

Smile that will make me do better than yesterday,

Smile that will remind me of the little blessings,

Smile that will remind me of hope,

Smile that gives me strength,

Smile that spreads the message of love,

Smile that knocks down negative emotions,

Smile that speaks volumes of fresh beginnings.

So keep smiling !! JUST DO IT !! And don’t forget to like here 🙂


Raman  🙂

Welcome a new year with right intentions


Intentions are directly proportional to your desires in various walks of your life- it could be relationships, money or peace you are looking for. You make your intentions by connecting to your consciousness. Your intentions will lead to your actions and your actions will lead to the life you lead and your destiny. 

It is important to step into the silence through pause or silence in our busy schedules. When you pause you can hear the consciousness that is pure, there is no rattling sound but it is only you and you make the intentions.

When you make intentions remember they sometimes can be short lived and you again work on them. If you want a clutter free home, you may clean it but again you have to revisit after few days to see it is clutter free. You keep moving with bringing in the negative forces of anger and frustration.

Stay away from peoples criticism and negative feedback. We live in a society where we come across the negativity or criticism, it could be at workplace, in the community or at home. Don’t allow this criticism to lower your intentions. Don’t build self doubts instead listen to your inner guts.

You build your good intentions and let the opportunities come your way that you can act upon. Opportunities may take time to arise but you have to remain focused and loose your faith through negative forces of anger and frustration.

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Four Important Things That Will Help You To Push Yourself



Many times I have seen people want to keep moving forward in terms of their work and in search of their abilities. But they hold the fear within them, that becomes a barrier to their meaningful actions. Even without trying out, they wonder how some one else can perform a task which they cannot do. Here are the four big ways you may follow and will help you to push yourself to perform and keep moving forward and not feel stagnated :

Believe in yourself – The biggest hindrance comes in moving forward and taking the initial steps is when people don’t believe in themselves from deep down their consciousness. Always say “I CAN”. You break down the walls of fear. Once you attempt it you are over the water that you had been fearing. With couple of attempts you will become more comfortable and say this is easy!

Be a learner- Always have in mind, your “ABILITY TO OPENNESS” will help you in picking up skills and developing around those skills. These skills will relate to your interaction with the outer world and your interaction to your self development. When you are open minded you become a learner. When you become a learner it helps you to achieve your goals. Remember there is always scope of improvement in what ever we do. When we are learners we are self growing ourselves. 

Ready to take up challenges- Don’t be afraid of the word “CHALLENGE“. It is simply to try out something which has not been performed by you. For example it doesn’t have to be big, it even relates to small things in our lives – It can be the first run in a marathon, your first drive down the roads that may seem scary, the first dialogue you may have to express in a group or  your our first action to perform at a theater.

Take Action Unless you take an action to perform, your input is invisible.”HARD WORKpays off. Make use of your time in a meaningful way. Spend time in things that you desire and will help you to move forward. You have to take an action at the right time without delays, without having fears of the failures. Failures help us to know our weaknesses and we gives us a chance to improve upon. So actions are important to give us the results.

Keep moving forward by pushing yourself, Hope this helps 🙂

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Five Ways to Unlock Your Potentials


You can understand your journey of life better and make it more beautiful if you unlock your potentials. Know your inner self by discovering the diverse things you could be able to perform. Many times people get staggered and approach life in a different way that makes them distant from their inner potentials. Your own false assumptions can hold you back in knowing what you really hold inside. Practice the following that can help you to unlock your potentials :

1. Believe in yourself:

Always believe in yourself in what you want to do. Only you can give permission to your own heart to take a step and go ahead to do. This could be anything example – working on a project, speaking out to an audience, creating an art piece, performing an act etc. Remember when you believe in yourself you gain self confidence and self esteem.

2. Don’t fear the rejection:

You could be holding back to perform with a fear of getting rejected by the people around or the public. Leave the fear behind. Only you know what works best for you. You could find success from the very first try or get success after couple of tries. Your main goal should be to perform. Eventually you will turn it to a point where you get recognized by your conscious of peace and the surroundings .

3. Don’t value your potentials with materialism:

I have seen people missing out to unlock their potentials when they weigh it with money. They think it is a waste of time as they they won’t be earning much out of it. They fail to understand the importance of potentials on a larger scale of life, gaining rich experiences and knowing the true meaning of joy.

4. Get Inspired:

Be open minded and get inspired from things that excite you. Be positive to adapt to situations or activities that make you happy. Get interested in things and you will get to see the opportunities will fall in front of you.

5. Go beyond your comfort level and be a learner:

When you are a continuous leaner you find yourself gaining valuable experiences and unlocking your potentials. Once you realize to go beyond your comfort level you will take more challenges and help to know about more different that you can do or love to do.


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Practical Tips To Do Better Next Year

It is month of November and we are coming to an end of this year. What are your thoughts how you did in the present year ?
  • Do you have the urge to do better next year?
  • Do you feel you are continuously struggling in a sphere?
  • Do you feel you lack goals?


I want to summarize few things while I write. This can be a vast topic as we may want to do good in so many different spheres like relationships, job, finances, grades, sports, politics, in the community and the list goes on. 
When I think about the year that is ending, for me it had mixed situations that I had to face and were not in my control. I had to make amendments in my plans and schedules.
You may want to do better next year, so that you are on the curve of growth which is important in life. Here are some tips that you may keep in mind do better next year. Lot depends upon the choices we make, we have to be open to be a learner and learn from our mistakes or the good things we achieved.
REFLECT on the things you wanted to do better in eg. Better at job, getting better at grades, better in relationships. Think about your short term and long term goals and if possible write them down as a checklist. Unless you don’t know in what direction you are going in your life, you  can get stagnated in a situation where you may not wish to be in.
PRIORITIZE what is important for you. Spend time more on the sphere you want to do good at. New tasks keep appearing on a daily basis, so prioritize your tasks. Manage your time well in a meaningful way.  Get involved in activities that brings good results for you, as you continue your path. This will help in bringing self confidence for you.
        “Practice makes you grow”
TAKE HELP OR COLLABORATE Human beings are not perfectionists. So take help from your family/ friends/ colleagues / professional help who will provide you with the right advice. Also when you discuss your point with some one, you have better understanding of a situation you may be in.  
-MANAGE YOUR TIME Time is precious and take your decisions in a rightly manner. Be cautious how you are spending your time that is valuable to you. You don’t have to do things that are being done only to impress others and have no value to you.
-SELF IMPROVEMENT helps you in managing different things in your life. It should especially include being a positive person, get rid of any bad habits, any physical changes you want to bring etc. You cannot make a change in a day, but once you start practicing you can target it. Even though it can be a long term goal which should be accomplished in couple of months.

I hope these tips are of help and thank you for visiting !!

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Confronting the Negatives of Darkness



It was past midnight last night!

-While I was relishing a peach, I was reflecting on my week. A week that had a combination of progress and harsh moments.

-I looked on one of counters in the kitchen with a Buddha Vase being hit by a light and darkness behind. For me it was a metaphor of light beaming through the darkness.

-When we see darkness around, we have negative feelings of anger, denial and hopelessness.

-On seeing the darkness we want to run away by severing from the world around and in the process try to find ways. In the whole process we get drained and miserable. Our energies are being focused on the negative feelings.

-By insulating ourselves from the world around or moving to a completely different environment we don’t bring change in the misery we feel from inside.

Instead we have to focus on the brighter light, that can bring change for us within that will make us more positive and joyful.

-It will be a challenge, but by staying calm you have to look at the good around you.

-Finally at  one point your way will get clearer with light that helps you to keep moving forward with positive thoughts.

-Thoughts that make a deeper sense which have to be channelized into energies that show your progress in a positive way.

Thoughts and actions that will make you confident and you will be able to see light with diminishing darkness.

The light will empower over the darkness.

-If you face darkness of negativity, instead of running away from darkness find out the solutions that will help you to see the light.

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My Daily Painting Of Empathy

When I am happy I paint.

When I am sad I paint.

When I cry I paint.

When I am in joy I paint.

I trust my instincts and an artist’s empathy. While the wind strikes, I wiggle like the fallen leaves that show the strength in their glorified colors. In varied thoughts and emotions, brushes and paints are my friends.

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Raman 🙂


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Protecting Your Positive Energies


When you have positive energies it helps you to remain, composed, calm, you can hear your inner self clearly and relieves the anxiety that you may have build. Over the years I have learned how important it is to protect our positive energies – by our right thoughts, emotions and the way we interact with world around us. Just like when we are driving a vehicle, the fuel gets consumed, similarly our daily good energies are being drained. We have to continue to build the positive energies around us. By simple practices you can conserve your energies:

  1. Get rid of negative habits : Compulsive complaining, jealousy, developing fear and hopelessness, gossiping about others or habits like spending too much time in front of TV. 

  2. Slow your mind by giving a pause. Our brain is most of the time working because of thoughts that are running and we are continuously doing mental work. Be cautious of using your brain in a meaningful way. 

  3. Build a routine of exercising or leading an active lifestyle by going for a walk or jog. Benefits of exercise are tremendous, you will feel good about yourself and build the confidence that is required.

  4. Calm your mind by closing your eyes and meditating, it may be for few minutes. Breath in and out thinking of your self in complete silence with no one around you.

  5. You have to set boundaries of staying away from negative conversations that drain away your positive energies. Remember you have to be polite to others, so instead of saying to someone you cannot hear their negative conversation, you have to shift your mind and heart.

         I hope you find these tips inspiring. Remind yourself  from time to       time how you are spending your time? What kind of conversations you have with people you interact? How uncomfortable you feel when you are surrounded by mixed people with different levels of energies?

Thank you for visiting!


Raman 🙂