4 Simple Tips To Sharpen Your Brain !

Puzzle Books

Our brain is NEUROPLASTIC, research has been going on for over a decade now stamping its evidente. Saying that – means you continue to build your neuron networking even at an older age. Studies showing that it stops sharpening after reaching 21 years of age have been proven wrong. I have often heard people talking about their memory strengths- how they seem to be loosing it.  Most common factor for which memory loss is blamed is the age ! DARN ! Or it could be due to injury while one has been in an accident or other health issues, including side effects of strong medicines. OFTEN parents are seen desiring to sharpen their kids brain to improve their grades. Brain  experts emphasize on certain practices that can help to regain memory or build it BLOCK by BLOCK. I love talking on this topic especially after I have been dealing with some concerns myself. Here are some tips that you may want to try :

    Add self care to your calendar ❤️ And follow these tips 

  1. Practice working on puzzle books/ games/ crossword books – These are conveniently available in book stores and convenience stores and are affordable. Working on them will help you to think and build up the networks in your brain. Make a practice to use them and don’t allow them to gather dust by your night stands and study tables.
  2.   Pick 3-5 words daily and look for more words with that word. e.g. Friendship- Friends, Ship, Dip, In, Pin, Pen, Hip, Sip, Pie. It will improve your vocabulary and also test flexibility of your brain.
  3.  Pick up your favourite magazine or a book – Read a page or so from that book or magazine. This will help in improving your vocabulary and spellings of the daily words you use. 
  4. Fix your foods– Your brain uses Omega -3 fats to build up brain networks. Incorporate foods like broccoli, nuts, flex seeds, fish (Salmon, Sardines, Trout) in your diet. In case you don’t have fish or broccoli is not available where you live, Omega -3 supplements should not be neglected.

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50 Tips- How I Kept Myself Out Of Mental Incapacity


“Remember that with whatever hurdles and obstacles you are faced with, they make you stronger.”   

It has been 20 months since I met with a road accident and this journey of 20 months has been extremely tough. I myself  have been a motivator, encouraging  people around. Still was tough to cope up with, because of the physical symptoms I faced that were not under my control. 

  • It completely derailed me,
  • Left me with frustration of rebuilding my life,
  • Left me out of work force, 
  • Had to deal with constant rows of medical appointments,
  • Unable to do things that I enjoyed including blogging and staying connected with my audience and fans. 😀

Today I am finding courage to write the tips that YOU could use in your life especially if you feel depressed, have anxiety issues, life seems dark and dull, want a healthy lifestyle that is joyful. I guarantee you will find refuge by following these tips. I wish you all good luck and the best for you !!!

Many of my fans thought where I had vanished and told me how much they missed my motivational talks. Little did they know what I was going through.

It has been like – you fall in a deep well and cry there, sitting how to get out of the darkness you face. img_2901

* If possible practice the activities consistently that leave you HIGH SPIRITED. For me consistency was hard as I had no idea what I my next day would look like because of my symptoms. 

“Many times I tried a balance that worked for me” – my FOCUS was SELF CARE and I was cautious of not isolating myself because of symptoms would be disastrous.


  1. Frequently bought flowers for my home as they are so positive and make you smile.
  2. Expressed my symptoms through journal-ling, it also helped me to remember my symptoms and discuss with the physician.
  3.  Visited my Physician weekly and later after a year biweekly.
  4.  Did not miss visiting my therapists.
  5.  Talked to my family and very close friends and took their advice.
  6.  Tried reading books e.g – ‘Super Brain’ by Deepak Chopra 
  7.  Got a new hair cut and made myself good.
  8.  Took hot water tubs with essential oils.
  9.  Used diff-users in my home that were relaxing and soothing.
  10.  Practiced aromatherapy for various medical symptoms I faced- Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and peppermint have been my favourite.
  11.  Picked a crossword book and worked on memory scale. 
  12.  Picked magazines from grocery stores that would keep me motivated through  colours and images.
  13. My daughter bought me a Chinese painting kit that I used and brought back chilhood memories.
  14. Tried and practiced Caligraphy that has always been an interest to me.
  15.  Tried yoga classes.
  16.  Took yoga workshop.
  17.  Used colour screens while reading.
  18.  Did my best not to isolate myself by going to events most of the time encouraged by a friend and family members.
  19. Volunteered at various occasions in the community.
  20. Tried learning a new music instrument – a guitar.
  21. Tried various herbal teas and added them in my collection.
  22. Lend a helping hand to friends.
  23. Went for self care- messages to relax the muscles.
  24. Listened to music that relaxed and was soothing.
  25. Visited farmers market.
  26. Appreciated colours in nature.
  27. Observed the change of sky colours according to the season.
  28. Got close to nature through gardening. 
  29. Went to shopping malls even though it meant window shopping.
  30. De-cluttered my space.
  31. Went out for small distance walks in my neighborhood.
  32. Indulged in manicure and pedicure.
  33. Took naps during the day whenever my body required.
  34. Did a few paintings initially.
  35. Traveled to see my family back home that was superb, relaxing and memorable.
  36. Appreciated people who were kind to me through little tokens and gestures.
  37. Bought a new fitbit band to replace my broken one.
  38. Tried having healthy habits by having conversations with family and friends.
  39. Kept a track of activities that are healthy and lifting.
  40. Kept away from any negativity around.
  41. Avoided distractions that were noisy for silence in a day.
  42. Practiced mindfulness e.g. Appreciating citrus smell of an orange, colour and shape of flower, feel of a through.
  43. Made use of overstuffed pillows and comforters that made me feel good with their feel and use.
  44. Listened to numerous webinars as a learning process for future.
  45. Followed people on Instagram whom I felt were inspiring.
  46. Went back to gym after 10 months with the encouragement of my mom and started with a slow pace.
  47. Took a month challenge and another challenge later to reduce my weight that I had tremendously gained.
  48. Tried my best of conserving my energy by getting involved in things that were only meaningful.
  49. Shopped for especially ethnic clothing that is colourful and creative.
  50. Since I had high expectations from myself I even ran for an election for a city board.


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Bond with your soul and innerself through nature


HELLO 🙂 I am back here after a gap that has been unavoidable.*Before I continue, I want to thank all my readers who have mentioned to me that they read what I post and have been missing my writings lately. YES ! I am trying my best to get back and and stay connected with you through SHARING MY EXPERIENCES and THOUGHTS.

In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned nature is whimsical and magical bringing joy that may seem small but is in fact its BIG ! Yesterday I got the opportunity to encounter nature while on a picnic to Bakers  Park, Calgary and  small bunch of us friends ventured to hike and explore the woods and the surroundings.

When you step in the domain of nature every site is a joy, that brings lot of peace.

The connection is deep with your inner well being and you relax with a clarity of mind and soul that is relaxed and calm.

You smile at…. The trees, flowers, leaves, flowers, fallen twigs, any fruit or dragonfly , butterfly that you see and these smile back at you.

The surroundings are pure and the silence in the woods opens your mind and soul.

Once you truly discover nature’s beauty, it is a place where you would want to spend more time, solely connected with your inner self deep within that is so peaceful and positive. 

I definitely feel REJUVENATED 🙂 and RADIATING 🙂

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Love !






Importance Of Self Love


Growing up as kids, for most of us we cannot relate to importance of “Self Love” or what “Self Love” really means.

The other day my friend told me an unfortunate happening of someone she knew and I was shocked to here. Here it goes – “This guy is so lost in his life that he wants to end his life but he does not have money to end his life. So this guy wants to go back home where he can ends his life”. My kind friend gave much emotional support to this person and helped him out to boost him and not be negative about life..

Here we realize how important it is to self love.

1.When we self love it becomes easier for us to overcome the obstacles we face in our journey of life.

2.We think about finding out solutions when stressed and not not feel isolated or left out.

3.When we love ourselves, we love our surroundings and people around us.

4.We have a better understanding of self esteem and gaining confidence.

  1. We can truly understand the acceptance of our situation and things surrounding us for a reason.

  2. There is acceptance to keep ourselves grounded to love ourselves and others.

  3. You get a better understanding of your existence in this world and discover yourself.

  4. We become more positive and think of possibilities surrounding us in a good way without being negative.

So SELF LOVE yourself. It doesn’t mean you are being selfish but it leads to your inner happiness that can bring joy and happiness for others as well. It is about creating a life that stabilises our spirits.

SO LETS not forget to SELF LOVE ourselves !!!

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Raman 😊

Meeting the author and his books on ‘The Lost Heritage’ – An Extraordinary Work !



Jubilant myself and my friend Harpinder Randhawa with the two books The lost Heritage and The Quest Continues



Excited with the book signing


It was a privilege to have Mr Amardeep Singh in our city the author of two books 1. The Lost Heritage – The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan 2.The quest continues – Lost Heritage.

Before I talk about his books here, I wish to congratulate him and salute him for his commendable job by writing these books. I get a strong sense that GOD chose Mr Amardeep Singh from millions of people around the world to undertake this extraordinary journey that meant exploring of roots admits distress and terror that no ordinary citizen could have attempted .

His first book is an exploration of Sikh Legacy in 36 villages in 30 days and his second book is an exploration of Sikh Legacy in 90 cities and villages in another 30 days which is an extraordinary  contribution for the public, the present generations and the coming generations. A very deep rooted desire to connect with the land of his ancestors propelled Singapore based Amardeep to visit Pakistan. Engineer by profession and holding Masters in Business Administration from University of Chicago, Mr Amardeep worked in the corporate world at high positions for 25 years before he took up his mission of travelling to the land of his ancestors. Little did he know in the 25 years, that his passion for literature and skills in creative arts  prepared him to write extensively in detail in his two books.

As I read both of his books I realized the author has gone beyond just writing these two books that have wealth of information, photographs and scriptures. Mr Amardeep Singh has shown courage and fircelessness by travelling to even the remotest unknown places to us and bringing the lost legacy which has never been attempted before.

In his first book as the author initiates his journey after making his formalities of immigration he is approached by an Pakistan Intelligence Official in plain clothes with volley of questions and the author thinks if he had made a mistake by travelling in that part of the world. As I read to me, it seemed like a movie scene as it was so dramatic and fearless that it is remote someone would take the courage of taking this task. As the author travelled from from one point to another the reader is travelling along with him and getting to know about the wealth of monuments, Gurudwaras, inscriptions, the legendary forts and the stories that have been left behind.

There were instances of sadness and jubilation for the author that could be felt by me as a reader who got immersed and was travelling along with the author. Feeling of sadness when he saw a demolished Gurudwara in remains or when the artifacts of a Gurudwara or monument had been destroyed by negligent thinking of restoring this ancestoral wealth. The emotions were jubilant when the author saw visitors from different faiths in a Gurudwara as it reflected peace in humanity or when he visited the Fakir Khara Museum in Lahore.

Where ever the author felt the history had been distorted he did his research and has shown forage to call upon the historians to adopt a rational investigation approach. e.g his research on the the missing roof from Jahangir’s mausoleum in Lahore.

Without having read these books never would have I known the Sikhs left in Pakistan want their identity to be known and are proud sikhs. They have named their businesses to let people now of their identity like the Sradar ji Clinic, The Khalsa Oil and the Sardarji Lengha house. The author heard the first hand stories like that from Muzammal Bibi and Muhammad Aslam that has helped in keeping the history alive.

Among numerous unique things recorded by the author one of them that held my heart was to see in Guru Ramdasss Gurudwara a Sindhi performing kirtan, A sikh reading Guru Garanth sahib ji and a muslim devotee holding the Chaur sahib. A unique example of peace and humanity that is often broken in different parts of the world.

The author made the two travels  in such a short period of time and gathered astounding information and research-while he faced numerous challenges. The two books are exceptionally extraordinary and should be occupying space in all households who have concern for humanity and history of legacy. Good luck to him for his future projects.

Analysis by Raman Gill as a reader.


Colouring Book Binder for download


The twenty page colouring book with quotes was especially prepared by Raman Gill for intermediate to beginners to express through colouring and have fun. Through colouring adults and kids can relax and bring out their creativity in a meaningful way.

Click on the link to download or print the colouring binder for free and have fun ! 🙂

Colouring Binder





Power of Nature


Yesterday evening, as I lay down still on my bed with my very sore body, I happened to move my head towards the large window of my room. There was sudden joy to see the open skies as the sun set. The shades of yellow and orange brushed across the canvas of sky.

There was something around me that was so joyful and positive. I took no time to hold my cell lying by my side to capture the view that enchanted my feelings and was magical. The next few minutes were spent admiring the sun rays that were sharp to make the nature so beautiful. I completely forgot my pain and I strongly feel it is the mind set we can change.

I am glad nature is so whimsical that can bring the positive energy within you, it can evoke your inner wellbeing that every human being is worth of. We all need to understand the power of nature. It brings the little joys that are in fact big. As you get closer to nature there is bonding of inner you and the peace you can find yourself in.


Raman 😊

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Cultivating Happiness


We cultivate happiness by dusting away the negative actions and thoughts.

By finding the gifts of non materialistic joys, there is nesting of comfort of happiness. 

When you genuinely cultivate happiness you will feel liberated and light hearted.

There is inner abundance within you and you are a spreader of love.

People whom you meet for the first time usually get captivated by the charisma you carry by your positive vibes.

There is overall sweetness that will reflect where ever you may be.

We have the power to diffuse anger that may come up unexpectedly .

You will genuinely create happiness for others.

Building compassion and mindfulness in our daily situations builds a cradle of happiness.

There is a larger sense of honesty and kindness you approve of .

There is a drive to create caring atmosphere, which resonates to our being open hearted.



Raman 😊







I want to take odds with a smile

IMG_2210It has been almost two months now that I had met with an accident and I am writing this blog to bring awareness how hard can be for someone who goes through all the confusion and pain getting to know the symptoms while dealing with post concussion syndrome (PCS) and support that is much required. A person with PCS may show little signs of illness physically but it is more mentally that only a patient can describe. The day I am without tears I will know, I have fully accepted my unusual lifestyle until complete recovery. I also want to express gratitude to my family; friends who have shown kindness and support; my workplace for accepting my absence in the past days; my doctor Dr Muninder Lotay for his constant assessment and cheerful dialogue while I am still recovering. I remember saying I am thankful to All mighty for giving me a second life and I wished to do more for the community around.  I had heard my friend telling me that I had to keep watch on my symptoms and discuss with my doctor.

IMG_4694 Being a work freak, I want to take my work responsibly (Picture taken two days before writing the blog)

Especially for anyone who leads an active lifestyle it can be mentally daunting and frustrating. My doctor explained how a speeding car if needs a repair, will take some time to be in its usual speed. My friend Meena, to whom I talked the other day motivated me and said GOD in our lives gives us stop signs so that we could rest. And I had to ACCEPT it for a while until I recovered completely. My husband comforted me while being away, to keep myself strong and my sister reminded me that I had take health as my first priority. Which meant no running/ exercising/ multitasking/ Long distance driving/ talking on extended lengths/ attending social events on routine basis. Instead spending more time relaxing, meditating and painting.

My first week IMG_0205In my first week I had no idea how my coming days would look like. My body was cramped and most of the time was spent in sleeping and under the influence of medicines which I later decided to discontinue; there was a visit to a car rental, impound site where my badly damaged vehicle was. Being a strong woman I had decided to carry on my duties as scheduled and go ahead in the upcoming events in which I was participating. Little did I realize if I was having dizziness and  if I was making mistakes in my memory, what that really meant ?

I was delivering my work and pushed myself against the odds of dizziness and headaches. Finally after two weeks the symptoms seemed unbearable and I thought of discussing with my doctor. Standing for five minutes or even doing a simple task to broom the floor became impossible. My doctor thoroughly assessed me and advised me complete rest for the next two weeks. Most of time was spent sleeping, closing my eyes that immediately lead me to a nap mode. I was lethargic to my surprise and I could clearly see my senses very slow. Never had I known what lying on a couch is, as I had always been active, every time doing something meaningful. I thought to my self this is not me lying on the couch through out the day and would be in tears. As advised by my doctor I had started to take things easy without multitasking that helped me and gave rest to my brain. No way was I inclined to talking on phone or messaging as that meant draining my mental energy, I spent lot of time in hot tub with Epsom salts and aromatherapy.

     IMG_2667  IMG_3431 IMG_3294

I felt lethargic, I wanted to make myself good.  I had read people who go through concussion syndrome can get into depression. I even got a new haircut 😊

IMG_3161I did some crazy things to keep myself happy and thinking that complete rest was the end of it and I was heading to complete recovery. Spend some time during the day doing a painting and named the series “Therapeutic Collection”

With complete rest of two weeks I was quite happy the way things were going, still unaware what I will be facing emotionally in the coming days. I started to work 3-4 hours in a day against my doctors suggestion of working only for 2 hours. I expressed to my doctor that I wished to try working for at least 3 hours. To my dismay it did not work. The dizziness continued with headaches and numbness with sleepless nights. It resulted in aggravation of my symptoms. I think it was hard for me to accept that I could not multitask and it was frustrating.

On a regular follow up with my doctor, he has referred me to a rehab brain program. And I will blog more about my experience as I continue to recover. I will continue to follow what my doctor advises and take things with a smile.


Life is beautiful and we should be overcoming the challenges with ACCEPTANCE


Raman 😊

God bless everyone!!

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