Raman Gill - Creating through Inspirations

Bio: Hi ! I write from from my own experiences and want to help people in their wellness. Writing has been part of life and the matter has changed over time. From the past 15 years have been writing thoughts/quotes/ poetry to make life meaningful and happy even while going through ups and downs after moving miles away from a completely different land. People have asked me how come you always look relaxed or you always see the positive sides. This makes me to share and write more about how do we make our lives joyful. I know this is not a scientific research for which I will get an award, that I had been actively involved in at one point of life but will strongly believe can help those who look for living a peaceful positive life. Initially when I had started here I was focusing on my paintings that have a positive message. But after I have been hearing how inspirational my writes and actions are from acquaintances and friends I want to help more people how they can make their journey of life beautiful. I am an educationist and an inspirational artist . My every creation is positive, powerful and colourful. I do commissioned art and her paintings include, but are not limited to daily thoughts experienced in everyday life, landscapes, floral, abstracts, people, Lord Buddha and Lord Ganesha. When I pick up the brushes the thoughts that come up in my mind become the colours on her canvas. Warm and vibrant colours are the most used in her paintings as these suggest happiness and aggressiveness. I have showcased my art in solo and group exhibitions from time to time and was well taken by the art lovers. My passions also include gardening, writing poetry in three different languages- English, Punjabi and Hindi and writing positive inspirational quotes. I love combining my paintings with the quotes or thoughts she writes. I can be contacted through my face book page: Raman Art Creations. My website is http://www.ramancreations.com

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