4 Simple Tips To Sharpen Your Brain !

Puzzle Books

Our brain is NEUROPLASTIC, research has been going on for over a decade now stamping its evidente. Saying that – means you continue to build your neuron networking even at an older age. Studies showing that it stops sharpening after reaching 21 years of age have been proven wrong. I have often heard people talking about their memory strengths- how they seem to be loosing it.  Most common factor for which memory loss is blamed is the age ! DARN ! Or it could be due to injury while one has been in an accident or other health issues, including side effects of strong medicines. OFTEN parents are seen desiring to sharpen their kids brain to improve their grades. Brain  experts emphasize on certain practices that can help to regain memory or build it BLOCK by BLOCK. I love talking on this topic especially after I have been dealing with some concerns myself. Here are some tips that you may want to try :

    Add self care to your calendar ❤️ And follow these tips 

  1. Practice working on puzzle books/ games/ crossword books – These are conveniently available in book stores and convenience stores and are affordable. Working on them will help you to think and build up the networks in your brain. Make a practice to use them and don’t allow them to gather dust by your night stands and study tables.
  2. Pick 3-5 words daily and look for more words with that word. e.g. Friendship- Friends, Ship, Dip, In, Pin, Pen, Hip, Sip, Pie. It will improve your vocabulary and also test flexibility of your brain.
  3.  Pick up your favorite magazine or a book – Read a page or so from that book or magazine. This will help in improving your vocabulary and spellings of the daily words you use. 
  4. Fix your foods– Your brain uses Omega -3 fats to build up brain networks. Incorporate foods like broccoli, nuts, flex seeds, fish (Salmon, Sardines, Trout) in your diet. In case you don’t have fish or broccoli is not available where you live, Omega -3 supplements should not be neglected.

HOPE this helps 🙂 Sharpen ! Sharpen until next time we meet. Don’t forget to leave your comments or like 🙂







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