50 Tips- How I Kept Myself Out Of Mental Incapacity


“Remember that with whatever hurdles and obstacles you are faced with, they make you stronger.”   

It has been 20 months since I met with a road accident and this journey of 20 months has been extremely tough. I myself  have been a motivator, encouraging  people around. Still was tough to cope up with, because of the physical symptoms I faced that were not under my control. 

  • It completely derailed me,
  • Left me with frustration of rebuilding my life,
  • Left me out of work force, 
  • Had to deal with constant rows of medical appointments,
  • Unable to do things that I enjoyed including blogging and staying connected with my audience and fans. 😀

Today I am finding courage to write the tips that YOU could use in your life especially if you feel depressed, have anxiety issues, life seems dark and dull, want a healthy lifestyle that is joyful. I guarantee you will find refuge by following these tips. I wish you all good luck and the best for you !!!

Many of my fans thought where I had vanished and told me how much they missed my motivational talks. Little did they know what I was going through.

It has been like – you fall in a deep well and cry there, sitting how to get out of the darkness you face. img_2901

* If possible practice the activities consistently that leave you HIGH SPIRITED. For me consistency was hard as I had no idea what I my next day would look like because of my symptoms. 

“Many times I tried a balance that worked for me” – my FOCUS was SELF CARE and I was cautious of not isolating myself because of symptoms would be disastrous.


  1. Frequently bought flowers for my home as they are so positive and make you smile.
  2. Expressed my symptoms through journal-ling, it also helped me to remember my symptoms and discuss with the physician.
  3.  Visited my Physician weekly and later after a year biweekly.
  4.  Did not miss visiting my therapists.
  5.  Talked to my family and very close friends and took their advice.
  6.  Tried reading books e.g – ‘Super Brain’ by Deepak Chopra 
  7.  Got a new hair cut and made myself good.
  8.  Took hot water tubs with essential oils.
  9.  Used diff-users in my home that were relaxing and soothing.
  10.  Practiced aromatherapy for various medical symptoms I faced- Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and peppermint have been my favourite.
  11.  Picked a crossword book and worked on memory scale. 
  12.  Picked magazines from grocery stores that would keep me motivated through  colours and images.
  13. My daughter bought me a Chinese painting kit that I used and brought back chilhood memories.
  14. Tried and practiced Caligraphy that has always been an interest to me.
  15.  Tried yoga classes.
  16.  Took yoga workshop.
  17.  Used colour screens while reading.
  18.  Did my best not to isolate myself by going to events most of the time encouraged by a friend and family members.
  19. Volunteered at various occasions in the community.
  20. Tried learning a new music instrument – a guitar.
  21. Tried various herbal teas and added them in my collection.
  22. Lend a helping hand to friends.
  23. Went for self care- messages to relax the muscles.
  24. Listened to music that relaxed and was soothing.
  25. Visited farmers market.
  26. Appreciated colours in nature.
  27. Observed the change of sky colours according to the season.
  28. Got close to nature through gardening. 
  29. Went to shopping malls even though it meant window shopping.
  30. De-cluttered my space.
  31. Went out for small distance walks in my neighborhood.
  32. Indulged in manicure and pedicure.
  33. Took naps during the day whenever my body required.
  34. Did a few paintings initially.
  35. Traveled to see my family back home that was superb, relaxing and memorable.
  36. Appreciated people who were kind to me through little tokens and gestures.
  37. Bought a new fitbit band to replace my broken one.
  38. Tried having healthy habits by having conversations with family and friends.
  39. Kept a track of activities that are healthy and lifting.
  40. Kept away from any negativity around.
  41. Avoided distractions that were noisy for silence in a day.
  42. Practiced mindfulness e.g. Appreciating citrus smell of an orange, colour and shape of flower, feel of a through.
  43. Made use of overstuffed pillows and comforters that made me feel good with their feel and use.
  44. Listened to numerous webinars as a learning process for future.
  45. Followed people on Instagram whom I felt were inspiring.
  46. Went back to gym after 10 months with the encouragement of my mom and started with a slow pace.
  47. Took a month challenge and another challenge later to reduce my weight that I had tremendously gained.
  48. Tried my best of conserving my energy by getting involved in things that were only meaningful.
  49. Shopped for especially ethnic clothing that is colourful and creative.
  50. Since I had high expectations from myself I even ran for an election for a city board.

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Until Next time-

With love



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