Importance Of Self Love


Growing up as kids, for most of us we cannot relate to importance of “Self Love” or what “Self Love” really means.

The other day my friend told me an unfortunate happening of someone she knew and I was shocked to here. Here it goes – “This guy is so lost in his life that he wants to end his life but he does not have money to end his life. So this guy wants to go back home where he can ends his life”. My kind friend gave much emotional support to this person and helped him out to boost him and not be negative about life..

Here we realize how important it is to self love.

1.When we self love it becomes easier for us to overcome the obstacles we face in our journey of life.

2.We think about finding out solutions when stressed and not not feel isolated or left out.

3.When we love ourselves, we love our surroundings and people around us.

4.We have a better understanding of self esteem and gaining confidence.

5.We can truly understand the acceptance of our situation and things surrounding us for a reason.

6.There is acceptance to keep ourselves grounded to love ourselves and others. 

7.You get a better understanding of your existence in this world and discover yourself.

8.We become more positive and think of possibilities surrounding us in a good way without being negative.

So SELF LOVE yourself. It doesn’t mean you are being selfish but it leads to your inner happiness that can bring joy and happiness for others as well. It is about creating a life that stabilises our spirits.

SO lets not forget to SELF LOVE ourselves !!!

Please leave a comment and stay tuned for more next time. !


Raman 😊


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