Practical Tips To Do Better Next Year

It is month of November and we are coming to an end of this year. What are your thoughts how you did in the present year ?
  • Do you have the urge to do better next year?
  • Do you feel you are continuously struggling in a sphere?
  • Do you feel you lack goals?


I want to summarize few things while I write. This can be a vast topic as we may want to do good in so many different spheres like relationships, job, finances, grades, sports, politics, in the community and the list goes on. 
When I think about the year that is ending, for me it had mixed situations that I had to face and were not in my control. I had to make amendments in my plans and schedules.
You may want to do better next year, so that you are on the curve of growth which is important in life. Here are some tips that you may keep in mind do better next year. Lot depends upon the choices we make, we have to be open to be a learner and learn from our mistakes or the good things we achieved.
REFLECT on the things you wanted to do better in eg. Better at job, getting better at grades, better in relationships. Think about your short term and long term goals and if possible write them down as a checklist. Unless you don’t know in what direction you are going in your life, you  can get stagnated in a situation where you may not wish to be in.
PRIORITIZE what is important for you. Spend time more on the sphere you want to do good at. New tasks keep appearing on a daily basis, so prioritize your tasks. Manage your time well in a meaningful way.  Get involved in activities that brings good results for you, as you continue your path. This will help in bringing self confidence for you.
        “Practice makes you grow”
TAKE HELP OR COLLABORATE Human beings are not perfectionists. So take help from your family/ friends/ colleagues / professional help who will provide you with the right advice. Also when you discuss your point with some one, you have better understanding of a situation you may be in.  
-MANAGE YOUR TIME Time is precious and take your decisions in a rightly manner. Be cautious how you are spending your time that is valuable to you. You don’t have to do things that are being done only to impress others and have no value to you.
-SELF IMPROVEMENT helps you in managing different things in your life. It should especially include being a positive person, get rid of any bad habits, any physical changes you want to bring etc. You cannot make a change in a day, but once you start practicing you can target it. Even though it can be a long term goal which should be accomplished in couple of months.

I hope these tips are of help and thank you for visiting !!

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