Running After Fame Is Deceiving Yourself



When people run after fame?

Last night I slept too early than my usual bed time and as I got up in the middle of the sleep I wanted to put my thoughts here. Until people don’t dip in the heavenly nectar of happiness and peace they remain disillusioned and deceived by themselves .                            

 Running after fame is like running after the air that despairs.

 Running after fame is like  running after smoke that brings dust and char.

 Running after fame is like running after a false owning of a heavenly chariot.

 Running after fame is like running after swamp with murky water.

                                Strange are the people who run after fame wrapped in false illusions. Their spirits are fake, ugly and distorted. Their smiles are internally wicked unaware of their weak soul. It is unfortunate they are unaware of their arrogance.

                        More they are wrapped in their false colors more weak they are in terms of internal bliss. They are in a sorry state distancing them from purity of soul. 

                                        Many times I question what is true happiness and it is unfortunate people dig for happiness while running after fame. They are in total disillusionment and weak inside.

( My inspiration of writing this comes from people who run after fame)

God Bless Everyone!


Raman  🙂


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