Harm Of Creating Our Own Cage

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We create our own cage by building barriers of thoughts of likes and dislikes, nos and dos.

                               We limit the possibility of growth by stopping our own potentials to fly like a bird.

We restrain to be limited to certain ideas and experiences, letting our ego flourish till we die.

                               We get lost in our past and limit the possibility of sunshine to spread in our future.

How and what we think is the result of controlling our own explorations.

                              When you feel caged there could be sense of drowning  with little self awareness.   

Open your senses infinitely by freeing out from the boundaries of cowardliness.

                                Let your mind not be controlled by limited explorations, let the lucidity of flowing energy bring happiness.                       

Let your energy flow freely, breaking the challenges of your boundaries of caged thoughts.

Live in a way that breaks the chains of timidness and brings respect to yourself and others.

                                                            (Picture courtesy -friend) 

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