How Being Flexible In Life, Helps You

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Many times I have been asked, how I mange my schedules? Am I very disciplined in my daily routines. My answer is I am disciplined and at the same time flexible. For adults there is a huge difference in the two terms “being disciplined” and “being flexible in our lives.

When we become too disciplined we bring anxiety in our lives and our rigidity does not allow us to perform the tasks that come our way unexpectedly. There is always left a question what if ?? or one cannot break a military rule at home. 

Yes I was brought up in a household where we led  disciplined lives. That bringing has helped me to be disciplined in mannerism and being punctual with regards to work or meetings.

But when we are flexible in our thoughts and activities we are welcoming some great gifts that bring balance in our busy lives. We are not always worrying about things going just dot to dot. We become more open to options that come our way. For this we can practice the following:

  • Don’t make a habit of saying “no” just for the sake of saying.
  • It is important to welcome the opportunities that come your way.
  • Monitor your vocabulary that is in negative shouldn’t, couldn’t, never.
  • Be more practical, for this take charge of responding to a situation depending upon a circumstance.
  • Try new things in your life, it could be even with simple things like  food, movies, fragrances.  
  • Train your mind to be flexible that will bring more acceptance in your lives.


You have to be considerate of options and not always be charge of everything and be a point person for our daily lives. When we are flexible it becomes easier to adjust at our workplaces and at home as well. We become more communicative and collaborative and have the patience of giving an ear to others.

Stay Flexible, Stay Happy !!


Raman  🙂






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