Nine Dos To Draw Motivation !



  • You draw motivation by admiring every simple thing, that you think brings smile.
  • You don’t build barriers between your mind and a motivator.
  • You welcome tough things with open arms.
  • You believe in being positive.
  • You create challenges for yourself to grow.
  • You see beauty in the things that may seem rotten from outside.
  • You are ready to be flexible for a change, for the good.
  • You show curiosity of mind and are a learner.
  • You show enthusiasm that helps you to make a path for your growth.       

Here it gives me a chance to share a recent incidence. One morning when I woke up, I reminded myself how I had not worked out and I seemed uncomfortable with myself. As I looked through my big window I saw a shrub far off that seemed dark in colour. I had never noticed those shrubs before. At the same time the size of flowers interested me, I could see them even from a very far distance. I immediately made up my mind to go for a run that would give me a chance to look at the shrub  that appeared interesting to me from far. That dark shrub was a motivation for me that day to push myself. I not only enjoyed myself going for a run but also found the shrub had some beautiful flowers at a closer look.


( The dark shrubs that I saw from my window)

The beautiful shrubs at a closer look that motivated me to get outdoors and stay active !


It was truly amazing how my curiosity for that shrub in disguise was my motivation for that day 😊

Stay motivated !!!





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