Importance of living in the present


When you are living in the past or future, you are doing it mentally, but in reality you are in present. Even when you prepare for your future you are doing it in present, at that moment. Often people say their mind wanders even when they are trying to learn to meditate. This is because their mind wanders in the past or future.

Every time I am doing something new or taking up a new opportunity I am enjoying at that moment. I prepare my future by doing my best at that moment, taking into consideration by capabilities and my responsibilities to my family. How important it becomes to live in the present without any regrets and worrying about your future. Think “now” is the time when you are building even for future.

            I believe you can practice living in present by :

1. With every morning sunshine, take it is an opportunity to smile and do your best. God has given you the opportunity to finish the unfinished tasks. There is so much potential in the present moment. Smile at the little joys and smile at people around you.

2. Be motivated to do your job wholeheartedly. Trigger the enthusiasm by being passionate. Present gives you the opportunities of the moment to be in your awareness of  happiness.

3. Don’t worry about the future instead prepare yourself by living in the present that will prepare for future. Don’t deplete your energies by worrying, instead look for the options, work on them for solutions. 

4. Don’t give weighted importance to things you did yesterday for example your past job. Importantly I think how I can use the skills I have build and use them in the present.  I take the present moment to be happy. 

5. Be open minded and you will find how easy it becomes for things to flow. You become open to new things in the present and except them without judgments.

6.Practice active life that will make you feel fulfilled without regret. This will help you   gain different experiences and gain confidence. You will live in the present of the new experiences you gain.

Keep living in the present !!!



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