Joy of whole heartedness



Hello 🙂

Yeah ! I am writing while I got a little break from work.  When we put our heart wholeheartedly, we seem to enjoy at the moment. We show compassion, passion and live for what we are here and carrying on our responsibilities. Our compassion is towards ourselves and also towards others.

We engage our lives in true spirits, where we can see our strengths and dignity. We can smell the fragrance of positive compassionate vibes and we have no expectations from others. We are dealing with our attitudes how we can do our best and bring joy. We develop the courage to face our situations and our imperfections.

We embrace the vulnerability with calm. We get up in the morning and make our day work with a smile no matter what, without rigidness . There is no grumbling with harsh verbals about the imperfections we have to face. We strive to do our stuff passionately at home, work or in our neighborhood. There are tunnels of darkness that we are prepared to cross and we know how we can bring control within ourselves which is devoid of self doubts.

Happy wholeheartedness !!

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