Just Go Ahead !!


  A Diya Lamp (made from clay and lit by a cotton wick and oil)

I have been writing and posting on social media that I think is truly beautiful and worth sharing. Life is a beautiful journey and at the same time I do realize life can be painful. But I prefer not to talk or write about the negative experiences unless asked. My main objective is to build a mind set that can build a positive attitude. In real life this can be hard but not IMPOSSIBLE.

What I write may be trash for some, that makes no sense. They are free to pose questions to me and I am there to answer. This trash can become the food for mind or like the nutrients for the plants that help them to smile and flourish. So I want to keep writing.

The light of the Diya (as in the picture) is the witness of our actions and mind, as it is traditionally thought to dispel ignorance according to East Indian traditions.

Let us keep smiling and lit like the Diya !

Love 🙂




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