A Lesson from nature!

11141212_10154011000982802_2967749657938230066_n      11781883_10154011001057802_6738098497324457862_n

          Sketch of the aged pole and the green vines I met

Hi !  🙂

Before I go to to bed I want to share this experience with you from last year in the month of July. We all know nature is beautiful. But do we think what makes it so beautiful ?. 

Last year on my visit to Saskatoon, I had few hours before I would hit the road with my family to drive back to Calgary where I live. Within those few hours I wanted to enjoy the outdoors of Saskatoon near the Downtown where we had our stay and I chose to be close to the South Saskatchewan river to enjoy the river and the trail that runs near the Saskatchewan Crescent East lined by the huge beautiful bungalows and the trees.

As I strolled by the Meewasin Trail I stumbled on this aged pole, telling me it had been there standing alone facing the changing weather under the sky. The pole was surrounded by the green vines, the wild tall growing grass and the smiling purple fragile flowers. I stood there to admire. Though it looked withered it said to me —

“Sun or rain, stay strong. Focus on the positives around you. I am fresh inside, admire the joys and beauty around me.” Majority of plants show rejuvenation, they get back after they have encountered with stress.

                                  Yes I had to sketch the pole I met and me think and learn.

Everyday nature teaches us numerous lessons that we can incorporate in our daily lives. By being mindful and thoughtful we need to have an open heart to get inspired and motivated from nature.

Love Nature !!!

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