Power of Self Embrace

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Embracing oneself is not about self indulgence that shuts you off from your surroundings. It is about connecting with your soul, it is about getting to know yourself in true sense and letting your inner light reflect that is vibrant and harmonious with your surroundings. 

Only if you embrace yourself, will you embrace others without setting boundaries and judgments. You have to love yourself not only when you are chilling out or having a fabulous hairdo, but  also on your bad days. You are exhausted and exhibiting negativity when you try to put blame on others for your conditions. Instead learn to embrace your existence, with a gratitude of simple joys.

Connect with your inner light and see the awakening joy of self embrace. Develop that deep power of love that will build a power connection with your surroundings. It builds the foundation of a happy living,  that develops confidence for your existence in this world without creating confusions in your mind.

When you embrace yourself, you don’t make comparisons of your existence.  Trust in yourself and stay strong by embracing yourself. Be clear about the positive attributes you have. The beauty is that you get back to motivating yourself even when you get derailed and feel low. Love life and embrace yourself in the situations that come your way.





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