Six practices to relieve pain and giving a gift for yourself


Living in the moment of happiness takes you in a garden of flowers that can only be planted by you. You can only do it to enjoy the fragrance of your mental peace. Many times people find it hard. Instead of getting out of pain they prefer to hold it tight by not relieving from it and regretting by thinking why they had to go through it or why it happened to them. Pain could be grave, traumatic or even  petty hit on a daily basis. It could be hit by the surroundings, at work place home, by people around you or at home. 

Reliving pain is a gift to yourself and living in a joyous treasure helps you to weave the boundaries of a positive blanket.


1. Shedding Tears 

It does not hurt to shed your tears and relieve the pain. While you drive a car or truck listen to your best music, shed your tears of pain and you will see your renewal you. Your tears release the stress hormones. Let your tears be pearls of joy that will lighten up your heart with peace.

2. Meditation or Relaxing your mind with positive thoughts

Especially when you don’t have a positive bent of mind there is a possibility of one finding it hard to meditate. But with practice you could build up your style of meditation that will being peace for you. Bring your mind in a relaxing mode to gratitude for the gifts of God that surround you. Bring a focus of silence and let not any distractions kill your silence of relaxing.

3. Forgive 

No matter how hard it is, forgiving some one for their deed can help you to move on. Move on to pastures that bring joy without any regrets. More the thoughts you have of regret, the more will your mind be depleted of the positive energies.

4. Practicing Mindful breathing

Practicing mindful breathing through inhaling and exhaling can help you calm down and relieve pain. This can be down while sitting preferably or lying down. Time and gain you may get distracted by your thoughts, but practice is the key. It may sound too simple but it can play a major role to bring down anxiety caused by pain.

5. Accept your uniqueness while still being ordinary  

Accept your uniqueness and that no one can walk over you. Find your inner self and create a love for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy. Build a healthy life style for your self. Develop passions or spend time in an active lifestyle that will keep you away from being idle with negative thoughts.

6. Promise yourself 

Promise yourself to keep your spirits high and not going back to thoughts of solemn. Keep reminding that it is only you who can build peaceful mind. Don’t allow the negative thoughts to occupy your mind. It will deplete your dis empowerment.

Stay Happy !! It is a Gift to Yourself !!

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