Making A Great Day !

Good morning  and I am back again 🙂


(Picture taken at Saskatoon Kiwanis Memorial Park, Canada)

Many times people ask me how I get Inspiration?

What does inspiration mean ?

And this morning I am jumping here to write a few lines about what inspiration means, that I had written In my journal five years ago. How time flies and I still give lot of emphasis on getting inspired in different ways. I truly understand inspiration is beautiful and you keep moving on a positive path, even when things may seem dull and not working for you. Yes you can make a great day !

Inspiration Is

That teaches you something,

That guides your way,

That pulls you through,

That gives you energy,

That opens pathways,

Builds your confidence

Carries you miles across,

Makes you never stop your steps.


Get inspired, make a great day ! and inspire others !  🙂

Thanks for visiting !!





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