Balancing Life Through Positive Vibes

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While on my  desk                                                                          Me while travelling

Life is a beautiful journey with different platforms that we come across. It is a rainbow of colors that forms a wide spectrum of joy, peace, happiness and harsh times. We all have been send to this world with different situations, that we have to face. These situations vary with different degrees and we have to bring a balance in our lives. Life can give us a blow and knock us down. At these times we have to be skillful of being mindful. I believe we can still smile when times seem unsettling and uncertain. 

You can build the positive mindfulness by practicing the positives. Here are some practices I follow. 

We need to sooth ourselves by building positive vibes that can control our inner being and that can help us sail through the storms. Don’t allow the negative things that dampen your spirits.

We should be focusing on things that we can control bringing in us the positive light, even though we could be surrounded by the struggle and heaviness. You may not be able to control getting a job interview but you can control giving a smile to the skies above and the birds chirping.

Focus on what you love that liberates your freedom of peace. Let your mind do what you like to do and appreciate what you like about life.

Remember to bring in calm within you by getting close to nature, going for walks, exercise or meditation. You may get up with a fear, but let that fear not drag. Instead bring in the calm through nature walks or meditation that works best for you. 

We create our inner stability and embrace the beautiful things that surround us. We have to be in gratitude.  

Remember your intentions to push yourself to positive side. Remind yourselves that journey of life is best when we carry on in our best capacities. 

Imagine yourself finding the happiness, even when you are surrounded by shortcomings. Work on your priorities that might have changed. Which is okay to change your priorities with which we can support ourselves.

We have to put all our energies into good stuff. Encourage yourself by loving yourself by thinking positive and don’t allow yourself to become weak with weight of the struggles.

Stay positive, stay happy !!

Pick up the above that work best for you. 

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