Artists date with solitude



(Picture taken at Donald Trumph Winery, Virginia)

I absolutely love this shot. There is silence and still calls for being surrounded by warmth of beauty of nature. The tall trees talking to each other casting their shadows as the sun hits the east. The vast wineries in the background are golden in the sunshine taking their time to relax before they show their leaves and fruits in full production.

Reasons artists date with solitude :

1.We get to process our thoughts and see it the way we want to see the world. Rarely do we get to do when we are living in a world surrounded by hustle and bustle of responsibilities and activities. Our thoughts and emotions are trapped and controlled by the web of other thinkers and views around us.

2.We like to make a connection with our right side of brain that is known to bring peace. Subconsciously we build up this connection. Artists can be left in solitude as they are aware the peace that they are building and at the same time expressing themselves through art.

3.Embracing solitude is a skill which can be handled well even when you are social animal. You manage to take out time, it could be for few minutes in a day that reflects your thoughts and expression.                                 

I know, I have lot of responsibilities at home front and work but I have skilled  in finding space for myself I can say 🙂

  •  Thanks for reading my thoughts !!



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