Find Your Morning Peace That Sets your Day


It is simple, try it with a smile 🙂 

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Everyone searches for morning peace. Peace is not something that you will get with medicine. It is obtained though your actions and attitudes.  Two important things that are always given a bell for mornings are- going for a walk/going to the gym or reciting prayers. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the liberty of time to exercise in the morning or are too lazy for prayers. There could be chaos at home as people are ignorant of making a wellness work. They start their day with negativity towards themselves or towards others and their peace is drained out of the window. There could be stress of work, relationships or finances that one is fearful or angry and again their peace shows its way out.  But there are dos and don’t to get the morning peace. Morning peace is very important for your wellbeing and how you look at others in the world around you.

Get up early : Get up much before you have to set out for work. Set up an alarm so you have time to refresh your mind, instead of creating a chaotic time line.

You will feel the peace as you are able to do your morning activities well in time.

Create a peaceful flow for yourself. Let us not call a routine. Let it flow like a peaceful  calm stream that is somewhere in the mountains.

Getting close to nature: I believe in letting the sunshine in  through the windows. Let the sunshine peek in by drawing your curtains or shades, to give you that morning warmth.

Let the positive zen flow like a cool breeze.

Depending upon the location where you live peek outside the window to view the open skies or the trees outside. Smile at the colored patterns or cars you can see pass by. 

Welcome your day with a smile: Make your favorite drink tea/ coffee/ lemonade and sip it in your favorite chair or spot.

As you sip close your eyes and let mind be free of thoughts.

People who mediate like to focus on the heavenly powers for strength and calm. Bring in the good positive vibes by being grateful for another day.

Spending time on social media: Spend few minutes to check if their is any important email that is sitting in your mailbox or read your favorite quotes or news items. Remember not to spend much time on distractive media that has no value for the day.

Don’t drain your energies: Don’t drain your energies into negative altercations. There is always a time for a dialogue.

Don’t set early mornings for negative conversations the first thing in the morning.

You will set a negative day for yourself and people around you.  

Remember peace comes

  1. With quietness: It does not mean you are alone but you are relaxed with your mind.
  2. Earning time for yourself: When you are putting time for yourself, you will feel good about it. You have the reins for yourself that will bring peace only for you.
  3. In a short period of time, don’t try to do every thing. Pick up the actions that are a priority for a positive day. Do not rush trying to make everything work.

It is simple try it with a smile 🙂


Thank you for taking out time to read and don’t hesitate to leave a comment 😀



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