Eight Ways To Empower Your Spirits

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In this beautiful journey of life, we have ups and downs that form a unique pattern for each one of us. We all go through different phases with respective to jobs, career, health, relationships and home settings. No matter what, we have to face our situations by keeping our spirits high and staying focused towards the good.

  1. Being positive will help you to pass through the hard phase of life. You have to keep pushing yourself by gratifying the good things you have in life. Train your mind to look for the positives and not the negatives in life. The other day I heard my friend who had a heart transplant last year, confessed while standing on the stage that he survived because he was positive. He did not give up. 
  1. Spend a few minutes of your day in mediating or keeping yourself calm or sitting quietly. Create a peaceful space for yourself. In this chaos of daily life when we are trying to manage our different duties, remember to take time to calm your mind. 
  1. Let things go that are negative. Never drain yourself in negative conversations.I have noticed that some people think not giving harsh answers during a conversation is a sign of low strength. It is a matter of having a conversation in a peaceful way. Understand others view point and at the same time give your views. 
  1. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Do the things that make your heart happy. For example if you like listening to music or going for long walks- then do it. You will find the joy within your heart. Don’t wait for others to follow you, but keep doing that makes you happy and feel positive.
  1. Focus on how awesome things you can do. Do not compare your qualities with someone else. Making comparisons with the people around you in an unhealthy way, limit you from enjoying the every bit of happiness. Your focus is directed towards the negativity.
  1. Do the good deeds by making others happy, it could be in a little way, even by the choice of your words or lending someone a hand when in need. The happiness you give to others will bounce back at you. There is a feeling of inner rejoice and peace.
  1. Take out time for your passions in your busy schedules. Following your passions will boost your moral. Take out time to stay active, it could be going for walks or exercising at the gym.  Every little step we take will make us good about ourselves.
  1. Be compassionate towards others in an honest way and not pretend. Be happy for others. Happiness will follow you from the core. 


         Peace and love 🙂

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