Ikebana style of flower arrangement- Beyond putting flowers together ! My childhood memory



Ikebana is a unique Japanese form of flower arrangement that was evolved more than 500 years ago and is still practiced and respected in cultural forms. It is a disciplined form of art, where there is rhythm and art. I am fortunate, if I think back the creativity that was brewed in me by my dad when we were kids. Myself and my sisters were given opportunities of learning to the fullest. He had an idea that Japanese culture had a unique creativity of flower arranging and asked me and my sisters, if were interested in learning Ikebana. Our excitement knew no bounds and were introduced to an instructor for learning Ikebana style. As kids what striked the interest in this Japanese style of art was, we would be going an extra mile while participating in flower arrangement shows.
Ikebana pays attention to the overall line and form of all plant material used and emphasizes minimalism and asymmetry, which is contrary to conventional flower arrangements where emphasis is given to bloom and colour of flowers in the vase. Ikebana involves creativity and follows rules of line, form and depth. Special attention is given to the number of stems used, arrangement of branches and the vase used. There is a rhythm for the eyes to follow even though it is asymmetrical. This reminds me our instructor accompanying us to a nursery for better choice of flowers and getting books on Ikebana style of flower arrangement. Use of irises, chrysanthemums and use of Japanese Asparagus were the favorites in our arrangements. To me, a room looks so serene that adorns the Ikebana arrangement and can change the mood of a room. Doing Ikebana, can be playful and at the same time involve creativity.
How much I adore doing these flower arrangements that bring your creativity and admiration for elegance and harmony 🙂
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