Five Big Ways To Motivate Yourself


There are lot of things for which you have to push yourself. Nothing may appear easy to do first, that may be frustrating and this may lead to feeling of regression and low self esteem. Once you learn to motivate yourself, things start getting easier for you and you develop the self-confidence without loosing your humility. Motivating yourself will mean succeeding in your goals while you keep pushing yourself. You remain in high spirits and make your motto “I Can”.

1.Go after things that challenge you to do. Taking challenges are enjoyable. Once you overcome the challenge, you want to do more as it uplifts your confidence. You may fail the first time but you keep doing the challenge you have taken and make it happen. The happiness and the confidence you develop in your worth will make you to attempt more. You become no more shy in attempting. It is a matter of doing. So go after the things that push you to your limits, you will feel the inner worth of your being and get motivated.

2. Set goals without discouraging yourself and judgmental views. As you do bit by bit you will see how much you have gone along the way. Don’t get discouraged and don’t allow anyone to make you feel discouraged. It is you who knows what works best for you and make you feel happy and boost your self esteem. e.g.. If you want to become physically active by running, start running shorter distances. With time you will see you will build up your stamina and boost your moral. It will be motivating when you become non judgmental and take things in a stride.

3. Remember whatever goal you set is for your well being. It is you who is going to keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic to finish up your tasks. It makes you to think positively. Once you are positive there is a chain reaction of happiness and joy that will fall in place. There is a feeling of yourself not getting stagnated but moving forward.

4. Share your growth with humility. When you share your success with humility it is celebrating your inner self. The success you have gained in every little bit makes you to want to do more, either for your work or your inner well being that will lead to mental peace. Your humility and growth becomes the reason for others to accept you. Share it with people around you without judgement. You will want to do more the tasks you have taken up.  

5. Commit Publicly and stay committed. No one wants to look bad in the public, Once you commit publicly you go an extra mile to do something that you longed for. I have seen it really worked well for me. You take pictures of your challenge and share in public in a blog, face book, tweet or Instagram . You know that you are being indirectly watched and you have to do your best. You have taken up a challenge you may share with your friends, co workers, family without feeling shy about it. It will also give you an extra benefit of being more confident.  

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