Simple Choices Make You Happy !

Many await to be happy and dig themselves in the darkness of gloom. Many times they search for a perfect day, perfect week, perfect month or a perfect year. Happiness comes from your thinking and acting, the attitude you build through mindfulness and being positive. The little simple choices you are making everyday. With these choices you create a boosting shift in the life you are living. Every small choice you make leads to a greater meaning in your journey of happiness. The power of mindfulness manifests the happiness that you long for. Everyone’s life has challenges some are are grave and some small. Roads can be bumpy but you have the strength to over come these. We still can be happy and over come these challenges through simple choices that make us happy.  Simple choices awaken the joy and happiness within you, like the beautiful butterflies visiting from one flower to another and spreading their freshness in the garden of colour and purity. You will find the sun smiling at you and the freshness of dusk and dawn. Your feelings of happiness will get liberated like the glowing sun spreading warmth !!   


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