Do moments draw inspiration for you ?

Everyone experiences at least one moment in a day around them, when he or she can get inspired to be happy or get into an action that is meaningful and thoughtful. It could be from someone around them, the sunshine, the clouds, little chirp of the bird or a wave that crashes on the rock by the beach. One needs to have that open-mindedness to look at the beautiful beings (Flora, fauna), textures, colours, seasons and feel them from their inner heart to get motivated or inspired. There are people around you whom you could inspired for example for their meaningful healthy lifestyle or deeds. You have to break the walls if you surround yourself with and get into the inspirations that lead into a chain reaction of joy, happiness and self-esteem !


How much I love seeing these red jays that I miss here in topography where I live. A reason for me to set out for a long walk in the woods when I visit my sister in Charlottesville. The pretty bird fleets with great speed from one tree to tree and one bush to another feeding herself with holly berries as the fluff soft now falls. I try to tag my self with the bird trying to get a closer look but she is too shy and keeps showing off playing hide and seek with me.

The colour of the lovely chirper and its swiftness inspired to paint it and make it available on on over 20 different products on Redbubble website :

Red Chirper on gift items by Raman Creations

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There is inspiration all around you, appreciate the things to get motivated !

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