Cultivate Joy Through Positivity

What is positive energy?

We are all surrounded by energies. The universe is made up of energies and we are getting energies from the revolving earth around its axis, the fire, the water, the trees and the soil. These energies evoke a reaction within us. For example what kind of music do we hear, what chair are we sitting on? When we put these good energies into our personal lives these become the positive energies. Also when we surround ourselves with energy in a good way like people with good deeds, good ideas, good thoughts and things we really feel good and these give us positive energy.  

Nature is full of positive energy  and we experience peace when we are close to these pure energies. Life is like an electric wire. Our life gets plugged in with happy thoughts and feelings with positive energies, whereas negative thoughts are like the damaged electric wire that is unplugged from the happy thoughts and happiness.

Why is positive energy important?

We are like the magnets. When we attract positive energy in the form of good thoughts, feelings, vibrations we attract positivity. It leads us to be happy. When we have negative feelings we make ourselves sick and helpless. We spoil our atmosphere around us. Negativity drains us out. Makes us weak emotionally with little or no confidence. Our emotion of being sad can be changed to happy emotions. For example by looking at a beautiful sky or a flower we change our mood into positive happy mood.

Energies impact you and the people around you.

What is the difference between Positivity and Happiness?

Positivity is a state of mind. It is an attitude that builds with time and helps in overcoming the challenges. Happiness is a state of emotion. We can be happy by buying a new car, house, new dress and it is momentary. One can be happy at one moment and unhappy at another moment. Whereas positivity is an attitude. A positive person also goes through negative thoughts but it it is the overall positivity that counts and makes one overcome the challenges in daily lives. 

Stay positive, stay happy it is a chain reaction  that controls your attitude towards yourself and others !


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