Four Favorites This Morning!

As I recover from a bad flu I picked up these four favorites in my tiny studio that will keep me going for the day and make me feel better. I may be able to do a little sketch or doodle or may be paint by night šŸ™‚

Inspiring Journals

How satisfying it is when you pick up a pen to write that is positive and fun ! Even a little sketch or doodle brings a smile and keeps up your heart with joy! Apart from the inner good content I love the journals with hard colorful covers and that have good quotes or words. How creative they make you want to be !!! A reason for me to hang around in “Chapters” or “Indigo Store” in the ail with journals and notebooks to write :-). TheĀ colorsĀ are inspiring and so are words!!!Ā 

Inspiring Brushes

An artists work place is incomplete without good brushes. How exciting it is when you pick up a brush dab it with a color to flaunt. More exciting when they come right out new and you want to experiment and make the finest strokes!! Love them !!


A mannequin that is dressed up in fun clothing that is colorful and inspiring to style. The clothing evokes inspiration from the colors, texture, beautiful traditional motifs. Brings out the motion in me !!!

The Lamp

A functional lamp makes a focus. What a spot it can bring to work. Yes I need it and love to be inspired with the glowing light :))


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