Feel the joy in expressing !

Do you reflect back of the little joys that come your way and bring happiness?

I do ! It is all about to create a continuous vibrancy within you and thanking for the blessings we are surrounded with. The chirping birds, their beautiful form and sounds. Admits the magical soft flurries falling and covering the tree twigs that freshen up my mind. I close my eyes for a few seconds taking a deep breath and again opening to enjoy gifts of nature. 


Red Jay’ Medium: Watercolor



Sequence of watercolor painting : Red Jay


  Sequence of watercolour painting : Red Jay

I love seeing these red jays that I miss here in topography where I live in Canada. A reason for me to set out for a long walk in the woods when I visit my sister in Charlottesville (Virginia). The pretty bird fleets with great speed from one tree to tree and one bush to another feeding herself with holly berries as the fluff soft now falls. I try to tag my self with the bird trying to get a closer look but she is too shy and keeps showing off playing hide and seek with me.

The joy that these cardinals bring inspired me to paint and express.


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