Winter special connections

As I looked through the window early morning, it was pretty foggy and I could see the roof tops all white covered with snow. The childhood winter stories of  snowy days- when the roof tops are covered with snow and everyone cuddles inside with a hot cup of coffee near their fireplaces flashed in my thoughts with a smile. 🙂

photo (4)

Far off rooftops covered with snow and a foggy sky (Picture through the window)


(Painting in water colors with Windsor and Newton Pigments on professional paper)

I was reminded of the winter pine cones fallen and the painting that I did last year during my winter vacation in Charlottesville. It was inspired from the falling soft furies. The hidden pine cones smiled and romanced with every glance of falling magical snowflakes. Pines cones are a symbol of illumination. Cones either hiding among the needle leaves or fallen on the ground catch my eye. I take time to admire the scales of gifts from the Pinaceace Family. The white snow makes them look totally magical and whimsical. 

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