Expressing With Creativity

Here is a little note highlighting importance of expression by being creative. Expressing through art and creativity is always part of my life and a journey : like even when I am outdoors managing growth of art and not in the studio physically :). It directs to channelize energy into being positive, getting inspired and regenerating a continuous flow of expression.  Perspective of rightful thoughts and instill of emotions is an exploration through creativity. My freedom of expression cradles my original impulse by creating through inspirations and positive thoughts. I don’t allow any barriers to form a wall for my thoughts to get real through colours/ sketch. The beauty in expression forms a bigger picture when you become consistent  in showing this pattern and challenizing your energies that are transparent. The positive thoughts over weigh the negative ones if any and makes me happy to take any challenges with a stride.

988520_10153750330377802_8316131087498767947_n   10665326_10153719659397802_4398218105331284398_n

11095315_10153692004927802_3664376179471922880_n  11063618_10153709991982802_398321785861990338_n

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Raman 🙂



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