What After My first #21ExerciseChallenge ?? Second Challenge starts


I started 2015 without making any big resolutions. But in general I know that I should be following the positive tracks and enjoy little joys of life.

I was back in Calgary for New Year, after visiting my sister in US for the holidays. It was the start of the first month of 2015 when I got to know a local Cardiologist Dr Anmol Kapoor form #DilWalkfoundation had announced a #21ExcerciseChallenge as a part of promoting good health in the community. To my excitement I wanted to jump in for the challenge but my second thought was that I was few days behind starting it and I was too lazy to start my exercise routine. But eventually I jumped in to burn up all the holiday eating I had done.

I was glad I started with the challenge. Thanks to Dr Kapoor who started it and I have always been inspired by my sister that there have to be no excuses to avoid a healthy routine, even when we have hectic schedules. I was amazed that even after a very hectic schedule I finished up my challenge.

Now what next ???

Since I don’t have time to hit the gym, i know it can be very easy for me to go astray from my exercise routine. So I have started with my second #21ExcerciseChallenge. I wish I have more of my friends doing the challenge around me, to keep each other motivated. I am hoping to keep up a healthy routine throughout the year !!! 

IMG_6332  IMG_6141IMG_6087IMG_6145

If you like leave a comment please, will be much appreciated 🙂


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