I am always smittened by the beauty of the lotuses. From my childhood memories I remember gazing at these with my siblings at a nursery and then dad had planted one in a home made pond, making the garden look serene. This has inspired me to paint many lotuses especially in medium oils. Each tells a story raising their beautiful faces above the stagnant waters.The above painting was painted many years ago when I had developed my own style in watercolous. Now that when i am towards creating more transparency through watercolours, I want to paint more lotuses in this media. I did not spare a moment two years ago when I had written the poem ‘The Lotus Pond’ and combine with my painting.

I cherish it 🙂 as I love synergizing my write ups with my paintings.

Let me know what you think when we can combine our thoughts with our paintings. Like it , leave a comment please 🙂   


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