Excitement of Auctioning a painting online


Fall Leaves, Medium- Oils, Size- 12x4inc with 1.5 inch frame size

Auctioning a painting online through my facebook page was on my mind for long but I was not confident enough how it would turn, even though people appreciate my art you are never sure if you will get the right price through an auction . Finally I did it. Inspired by the fall leaves that look so dramatic I had painted a block of canvas size 12×4 inch with 1.5 inch frame size ready to hang. Within an half an hour of my posting on my face book page- ‘Raman Art Creations’ I started to get messages for bidding. I had mentioned they could either bid directly in the space for comments, message me if they were not comfortable to write openly or call me. This was the first time I had done something like this. Time provided was from 9.00 in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening next day. With an overwhelming response I realized that auction timing should not be that long. Next time I auction a painting, it will be a shorter duration. It also keeps up the excitement for the bidders.

It was sure a fun day. The bid started form $35 and jumped to $135. I am hoping to have more of these at intervals through my face book page- Raman Art Creations   .

Like my page Raman Art Creations and follow me please, what is coming next  🙂


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