Telling a story in a commisioned painting

Working on a commissioned painting is satisfying, fulfilling and exciting. When I am commissioning a painting for a client, I put their desires first for the custom work. There is total engagement between the client, the painting and me. I love putting the memories, photographs, vision on the canvas.
One of my favourite commissioned painting is where I had to tell a childhood story. My client wanted to pass on his childhood story to next generations through a painting. In our first talk I visioned what the client was looking for. In our second meet I sketched a rough by showing different elements that I would be adding in the painting. After thorough discussions regarding the elements and the colours I went ahead to start the painting. As the painting progressed the pictures were shared with client in case he wanted any change on the canvas. I was so glad the client was impressed with work that I had done ad he thanked for the vision that I was able to tell a story through the painting

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