Tips for inward happiness

Gathering only good from your surroundings !

Times may not seem perfect around you as the pandemic continues. Lives have changed in a big way due to loss of jobs, health concerns, change of routines and uncertainty that continues.

Life should not stop that makes you feel brighter, confident and happier. Building inward happiness during these times and making it your lifestyle can help in a big way.

Build compassion for others and people around you. Universe works for you for bringing internal happiness.

What you give out to the world in terms of helping hand or charity comes back to you in small or big pockets.

Remember to celebrate others and celebrate your own achievements (big or small). make yourself proud.

Dive deeper into practices like exercise/ yoga/reading/meditation/healthy eating/dance and there are many more that keep you balanced and brings wellbeing to energize you and stay in good spirits.

It is important to detox through affirmations and give positive signals to your brain and connect with your inner-self.

Until next time

Lovingly Raman 🙂


Visualization- Setting power of your identity


Visualization is the power to think for yourself in the future.


You are setting goals for yourself and the life you want. There is a SENSE OF DIRECTION  that you want to take for the betterment. 

It is not about when things are glorifying for you and people hop around you. Instead it is about creating a future for yourself that is joyful in very adverse conditions that drain your energies.

When you visualize most importantly it HELPS YOU TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you  train your brain the way you want to think.

It makes you CREATIVE and ACCEPTING OPPORTUNITIES WITH AWARENESS that help you to grow personally in a bigger picture of your life.

It is like UPGRADING your self for your own betterment and bringing things to reality that you desire.

It will ENERGIZE you to HIGHER POTENTIAL, than you could be in the present situation.

You consciously HARNESS YOUR POWER to create the reality you desire by creating images in your brain and taking actions.

REMEMBER when you visualize you are creating thoughts in your own ADVANTAGE helping you to live a life you desire. 🙂

Happy visualization until we meet next time here. Don’t forget to comment or like 🙂



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Self -Habit Sleep Assessment Especially For You !


Good Sleep !!!!!!

  • Process and save memories

  • Repair muscles

  • Boost your immune system

  • Control appetite

  • Recharges your body

My interest in getting to know more about sleep patterns and its importance arose only after my road accident two years ago.  Quality of sleep should not be ignored. It has been documented that well slept people give their best performances in the world. I had the best sleep in the world  🙂 I always thought until the unexpected happened. Sleep is the best ways to heal our bodies and fundamental to our health. Eight to seven hours is often quoted as the optimum, but the optimum sleeping time varies between people and at different times of life. 

Concentration and memory are noticeably affected with sleeplessness and people are more likely to be impulsive. Sleepiness also effects your work performance and also creates a risk while driving. Sleeplessness is associated with health disorders such a depression, dementia, heart diseases and anxiety. According to a survey average reported sleep time is 7 hours, although 12% sleep less than 5 ½ hours and 8% over 9 hours. Three-quarters (76%) who sleep less than 5 ½ hours report frequent daytime impairment or sleep-related symptoms. 

I had lost my sleep as one of my symptoms of concussion. I would wake up after  every two hours, which was annoying and painful. My doctors prescribed me medicines that I decided to discontinue because of their adverse effects and decided to heal naturally and practicing “Sleep Hygiene” . This wasn’t easy but it definitely convinced me that Sleep Hygiene – The Do’s and Dont’s of sleep if practiced with discipline bring situations on track as desired.

Many factors play a role in whether or not you get a good night’s sleep, from the conditions in your bedroom to your bedtime routine and even to what you did during the day.  Check with your sleep habits below and reflect on the changes you need to make for a sound sleep:

Here is a Self-Habit Sleep Assessment I prepared for you – Take this Quiz

A. My sleep last week

  1.  Yeah! am usually out until early morning
  2. Ok! I sleep less and it does not bother me
  3. Perfect! There is no consistent time of my sleeping
  4. Sleep? I miss sleep.
  5. Whatever! Every night is different when I go to bed to sleep

B. When do you wake up?

  1. I have my alarm set at the same time every morning.
  2. I don’t care what time I get up.
  3. I wake up at different timings every morning.
  4. I sleep till noon every weekend.

C. What time you go to bed?

  1. It depends what time I want to sleep.
  2. I sleep early on the weekdays and late on weekends.
  3. I sleep at the same time every day.
  4. I sleep after I finish my household chores, it could be very late night.

D. What I do half an hour before sleep?

  1. Listen to music.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Do some exercise workout or yoga.
  4. Switch off the lights
  5. Scroll through my emails.
  6. Scroll through social media.
  7. Read or write up my school article.
  8. Finish up with my kitchen clean up.
  9. Spend some romantic time.
  10. I love being on my phone.

E. How you feel is when you go to sleep?

  1. It is cold and I am uncomfortable.
  2. I can hear the noise through the window.
  3. I can hear the crickets.
  4. I like watching the stars through the window.
  5. It is warm and cozy.
  6. I can smell the food from my kitchen.
  7. It is quiet and different from other rooms in my home.
  8. It is hot and uneasy.

F.  What is in your bedroom when you go to sleep?

  1. A light that glows.
  2. A dim light.
  3. My partner who hogs the bed
  4. My pet is with me.
  5. My little baby is with me.

G.  Do any of these wake you up?

  1. My stress.
  2. Noise through the window.
  3. Night sweats.
  4. Aches and pains.
  5. Snoring of my partner.
  6. Acidity in my stomach.
  7. None

7. What do you do when you wake up in the middle of night?

  1. I fall back to sleep quickly.
  2. I watch TV or scroll through my phone.
  3. I don’t wake up.
  4. I have coffee.
  5. I like to snack.
  6. I am awake until early morning light.

8. How is your health?

  1. Concussion
  2. Heart problems
  3. Insomnia
  4. High Cholesterol
  5. Heavy weight
  6. None of the above

9. When do you exercise?

  1. I don’t think it is important
  2. In the evening
  3. In the early morning
  4. Before going to bed.
  5. It varies and is not regular

Take this quiz until we talk about do and dont’s for a good sleep  🙂

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Lovingly 🙂



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My Heart Felt Acknowledgement and my Keynote (Feb 09/18)

Keynote in the second half of blog



It has been a year when I got to visit a very amazing School in India.

My reflections come as : Gratitude; Growth in life; Importance of Education; Continuous Learning; Good work doesn’t go unrecognized

So while I was on a holiday in India last year, it was much to my SURPRISE that some of the educational institutions approached me to be a guest speaker/ special guest. It was a surprise, because never had I known these administrative officials who contacted me. ONE BIG THING that made me realize is how the technology of internet had brought people closer, bringing awareness what people in different parts of world are doing. 

Due to various commitments of being with the family, travelling constraints among cities because of foggy winter conditions it wasn’t possible to accept all the invitations. But I am glad I accepted to go as a Chief Guest (As the term used in India) to Alma International, Nabha in Punjab, India at their Annual Function.



It holds special memories for me, as it also brings lot of GRATITUDE towards the administration of the school.  “Alma International, India”. Mr Jasvir Singh Ji approached me through the face-book messenger. I takes some time to open up with strangers and make my judgement call of communication ( unless they are forefront in their communication), a solid conversation started only after Mr Jasvir Singh let me know the reason of getting me in touch with me. A big thank to him.

So many thoughts come into my mind even after a year, as good memories. A BIG APPLAUSE to administration and teachers at ALMA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for amazing training they provide to their students. It was much reflected during the the performances of the students, participation of the teachers and the parents and the speech made by the Principal letting the audience know of the annual report of the school. The memories of every child and parents wanting to take a picture with me during prize distribution is HUMBLING and exuberant. 


KEYNOTE to the audience (Fen 09, 2018)

……I am very delighted and privileged to be here at the annual function of Alma International School. It brings back great memories when I participated as a child at my School and annual function. I wish to congratulate the staff, students and parents for all their efforts and hard work to make this day a success. Every student will hold a special memory with them as they grow. When parents send their kids  to school like Alma International they are laying their foundation of growth and learning. Education leads to success as it opens many doors later in life. Schools are the second home for students. Life is full of challenges but when students are given the right education and skills we prepare them for tomorrow and life becomes easier.

Students can be crafted by giving the right environment where learning is going for them. Every child is unique and special. I will like to emphasize that we need to identify their potentials by keep watering them as they are like the blooming flowers in a garden of classroom. Keep encouraging them and engaged in the right direction so that they are ready for life of tomorrow and they can achieve their dreams. When I was growing in the seventies my parents gave me the skills and layed my foundation that I could use later in life. Thank to them. Times were different before and education system was different too. Now we need activities like done here at Alma International to make the minds curious and they don’t miss the right opportunities for which teachers also have to evolve.

I wish a great success for the Alma International school and may the school and students grow by leaps and bounds and also become great human beings. I thank the administration for giving me the opportunity and making it so memorable for me which I will always cherish!…..


Yours Truly and Humbly

Raman Gill, Dr

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5 Practices To Dump Anger- Don’t beat yourself !


WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE HAPPY AND JOYFUL even admits hurdles. Many times people are curious to know how some people are more joyful ?

When I say hurdles it could be with respect to career, relationships, their surroundings, their companions or their health. 

People often build anger with their situations; they are self critical or critical and judgmental for others; their perceptions are negative without realizing what they are into; world could be upside down for them and they don’t know how to handle things while staying calm. 

One big factor that contributes to be JOYFUL is being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

When you are aware of your inner landscape you take moments as your situations that have to be taken care of with rightful actions and not with threat.

You are relaxed and joyful. You don’t scream with anger.

You are in a better position to remain present at all times and navigate through with grace and calm.

Being aware of oneself, brings kindness and one is clear of mental state. 

Here are 5 ways you could dump ANGER -PRACTICE these to get results :

  1. Notice the irritability– When you are in a situation and getting edgy and concerned what some else is up to, you can take a break in the action e.g. leaving the room, going for  walk. And explore the reasons leading to the root cause. Don’t waste time beating yourself .   PRACTICE !
  2. Open up your heart- Open up your heart through warmth and looking into others perspective. Give time to acknowledge others view point. You may find a luminous warmth that lies within. Appreciate and PRACTICE !
  3. Tune your mindset – Tune your mindset to enjoy your space and not beat upon it. Don’t feel vulnerable and you will begin to notice the good around you, even in little forms that make a big difference in your outlook to be joyful.  PRACTICE !
  4. Move On – Don’t make it a big deal and avoid the process of unmasking. The less you think about it, the more it will seem complicated and tangled. the more you practice to move on, the more it will seem like every day tea or coffee.  PRACTICE !
  5. Examine your story line : When you are constantly thinking about.. ‘these people’,..’I cant stand it when…’ you are constantly falling your world apart. Instead of evaluating others we can evaluate to turn the tables, by our mind set. Yes it is easier to say but not hard to practice !

I hope this helps and with practice, you lead a JOYFUL life 🙂

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Develop Every Day Courage

Take courage to speak, listen, take action

“Courage is the power of mind to overcome fear” – Martin King Luther

Most of us are in our daily grind, it could be to deal with our work situations, our relationships, our surroundings. And while we juggle with different things at the same time we get drained and loose the confidence of finding our space of being courageous and visualize ourselves where we want ourselves to be.

It becomes important to build the mind body connection to maximize your energies and build courage. Pay attention to your physical and emotional sensations to be more aware of both your pleasant and unpleasant feelings, so that you can take actions that will best work for you. Remain to the openness that we don’t know all the answers and taking time to grow through our everyday learning that brings courage,

Evaluate your emotions, notice your wandering mind to focus, your thoughts that are non judgmental, kind and brings awareness of being courageous and overcoming blocks of hindrances. If you are more aware of what is going on physically, emotionally and in your surrounding you can be more courageous and thoughtful to take the steps that are more attuned to your requirements.

Your brain is how you want to train it to be, so don’t being that negativity that shuts you down. Develop the authentic yourself to express with the right intention and courage. Be courageous to be who you are and vision your life bigger than where you are. You find more courage as you abandon your fears of not overcoming them. Fear is nothing but your own thoughts that put you down. So put your heart fully to take actions that will reap pleasure.

Visualize yourself repeatedly of being brave and successfully carrying out a task with confidence. Your subconscious mind will start think courageously and take instructions as you visualize. Have positive images in your mind of yourself acting with competence and courage.

Be courageous !!!!

Love until we meet next time. Don’t forget to like or comment 

Raman 🙂


4 Simple Tips To Sharpen Your Brain !

Puzzle Books

Our brain is NEUROPLASTIC, research has been going on for over a decade now stamping its evidente. Saying that – means you continue to build your neuron networking even at an older age. Studies showing that it stops sharpening after reaching 21 years of age have been proven wrong. I have often heard people talking about their memory strengths- how they seem to be loosing it.  Most common factor for which memory loss is blamed is the age ! DARN ! Or it could be due to injury while one has been in an accident or other health issues, including side effects of strong medicines. OFTEN parents are seen desiring to sharpen their kids brain to improve their grades. Brain  experts emphasize on certain practices that can help to regain memory or build it BLOCK by BLOCK. I love talking on this topic especially after I have been dealing with some concerns myself. Here are some tips that you may want to try :

    Add self care to your calendar ❤️ And follow these tips 

  1. Practice working on puzzle books/ games/ crossword books – These are conveniently available in book stores and convenience stores and are affordable. Working on them will help you to think and build up the networks in your brain. Make a practice to use them and don’t allow them to gather dust by your night stands and study tables.
  2. Pick 3-5 words daily and look for more words with that word. e.g. Friendship- Friends, Ship, Dip, In, Pin, Pen, Hip, Sip, Pie. It will improve your vocabulary and also test flexibility of your brain.
  3.  Pick up your favorite magazine or a book – Read a page or so from that book or magazine. This will help in improving your vocabulary and spellings of the daily words you use. 
  4. Fix your foods– Your brain uses Omega -3 fats to build up brain networks. Incorporate foods like broccoli, nuts, flex seeds, fish (Salmon, Sardines, Trout) in your diet. In case you don’t have fish or broccoli is not available where you live, Omega -3 supplements should not be neglected.

HOPE this helps 🙂 Sharpen ! Sharpen until next time we meet. Don’t forget to leave your comments or like 🙂






50 Tips- How I Kept Myself Out Of Mental Incapacity


“Remember that with whatever hurdles and obstacles you are faced with, they make you stronger.”   

It has been 20 months since I met with a road accident and this journey of 20 months has been extremely tough. I myself  have been a motivator, encouraging  people around. Still was tough to cope up with, because of the physical symptoms I faced that were not under my control. 

  • It completely derailed me,
  • Left me with frustration of rebuilding my life,
  • Left me out of work force, 
  • Had to deal with constant rows of medical appointments,
  • Unable to do things that I enjoyed including blogging and staying connected with my audience and fans. 😀

Today I am finding courage to write the tips that YOU could use in your life especially if you feel depressed, have anxiety issues, life seems dark and dull, want a healthy lifestyle that is joyful. I guarantee you will find refuge by following these tips. I wish you all good luck and the best for you !!!

Many of my fans thought where I had vanished and told me how much they missed my motivational talks. Little did they know what I was going through.

It has been like – you fall in a deep well and cry there, sitting how to get out of the darkness you face. img_2901

* If possible practice the activities consistently that leave you HIGH SPIRITED. For me consistency was hard as I had no idea what I my next day would look like because of my symptoms. 

“Many times I tried a balance that worked for me” – my FOCUS was SELF CARE and I was cautious of not isolating myself because of symptoms would be disastrous.


  1. Frequently bought flowers for my home as they are so positive and make you smile.
  2. Expressed my symptoms through journal-ling, it also helped me to remember my symptoms and discuss with the physician.
  3.  Visited my Physician weekly and later after a year biweekly.
  4.  Did not miss visiting my therapists.
  5.  Talked to my family and very close friends and took their advice.
  6.  Tried reading books e.g – ‘Super Brain’ by Deepak Chopra 
  7.  Got a new hair cut and made myself good.
  8.  Took hot water tubs with essential oils.
  9.  Used diff-users in my home that were relaxing and soothing.
  10.  Practiced aromatherapy for various medical symptoms I faced- Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and peppermint have been my favourite.
  11.  Picked a crossword book and worked on memory scale. 
  12.  Picked magazines from grocery stores that would keep me motivated through  colours and images.
  13. My daughter bought me a Chinese painting kit that I used and brought back chilhood memories.
  14. Tried and practiced Caligraphy that has always been an interest to me.
  15.  Tried yoga classes.
  16.  Took yoga workshop.
  17.  Used colour screens while reading.
  18.  Did my best not to isolate myself by going to events most of the time encouraged by a friend and family members.
  19. Volunteered at various occasions in the community.
  20. Tried learning a new music instrument – a guitar.
  21. Tried various herbal teas and added them in my collection.
  22. Lend a helping hand to friends.
  23. Went for self care- messages to relax the muscles.
  24. Listened to music that relaxed and was soothing.
  25. Visited farmers market.
  26. Appreciated colours in nature.
  27. Observed the change of sky colours according to the season.
  28. Got close to nature through gardening. 
  29. Went to shopping malls even though it meant window shopping.
  30. De-cluttered my space.
  31. Went out for small distance walks in my neighborhood.
  32. Indulged in manicure and pedicure.
  33. Took naps during the day whenever my body required.
  34. Did a few paintings initially.
  35. Traveled to see my family back home that was superb, relaxing and memorable.
  36. Appreciated people who were kind to me through little tokens and gestures.
  37. Bought a new fitbit band to replace my broken one.
  38. Tried having healthy habits by having conversations with family and friends.
  39. Kept a track of activities that are healthy and lifting.
  40. Kept away from any negativity around.
  41. Avoided distractions that were noisy for silence in a day.
  42. Practiced mindfulness e.g. Appreciating citrus smell of an orange, colour and shape of flower, feel of a through.
  43. Made use of overstuffed pillows and comforters that made me feel good with their feel and use.
  44. Listened to numerous webinars as a learning process for future.
  45. Followed people on Instagram whom I felt were inspiring.
  46. Went back to gym after 10 months with the encouragement of my mom and started with a slow pace.
  47. Took a month challenge and another challenge later to reduce my weight that I had tremendously gained.
  48. Tried my best of conserving my energy by getting involved in things that were only meaningful.
  49. Shopped for especially ethnic clothing that is colourful and creative.
  50. Since I had high expectations from myself I even ran for an election for a city board.

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Until Next time-

With love


Bond with your soul and innerself through nature


HELLO 🙂 I am back here after a gap that has been unavoidable.*Before I continue, I want to thank all my readers who have mentioned to me that they read what I post and have been missing my writings lately. YES ! I am trying my best to get back and and stay connected with you through SHARING MY EXPERIENCES and THOUGHTS.

In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned nature is whimsical and magical bringing joy that may seem small but is in fact its BIG ! Yesterday I got the opportunity to encounter nature while on a picnic to Bakers  Park, Calgary and  small bunch of us friends ventured to hike and explore the woods and the surroundings.

When you step in the domain of nature every site is a joy, that brings lot of peace.

The connection is deep with your inner well being and you relax with a clarity of mind and soul that is relaxed and calm.

You smile at…. The trees, flowers, leaves, flowers, fallen twigs, any fruit or dragonfly , butterfly that you see and these smile back at you.

The surroundings are pure and the silence in the woods opens your mind and soul.

Once you truly discover nature’s beauty, it is a place where you would want to spend more time, solely connected with your inner self deep within that is so peaceful and positive. 

I definitely feel REJUVENATED 🙂 and RADIATING 🙂

Will be back again and don’t forget to leave a comment 😀

Love !






Importance Of Self Love


Growing up as kids, for most of us we cannot relate to importance of “Self Love” or what “Self Love” really means.

The other day my friend told me an unfortunate happening of someone she knew and I was shocked to here. Here it goes – “This guy is so lost in his life that he wants to end his life but he does not have money to end his life. So this guy wants to go back home where he can ends his life”. My kind friend gave much emotional support to this person and helped him out to boost him and not be negative about life..

Here we realize how important it is to self love.

1.When we self love it becomes easier for us to overcome the obstacles we face in our journey of life.

2.We think about finding out solutions when stressed and not not feel isolated or left out.

3.When we love ourselves, we love our surroundings and people around us.

4.We have a better understanding of self esteem and gaining confidence.

5.We can truly understand the acceptance of our situation and things surrounding us for a reason.

6.There is acceptance to keep ourselves grounded to love ourselves and others. 

7.You get a better understanding of your existence in this world and discover yourself.

8.We become more positive and think of possibilities surrounding us in a good way without being negative.

So SELF LOVE yourself. It doesn’t mean you are being selfish but it leads to your inner happiness that can bring joy and happiness for others as well. It is about creating a life that stabilises our spirits.

SO lets not forget to SELF LOVE ourselves !!!

Please leave a comment and stay tuned for more next time. !


Raman 😊